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Totes Atmanirbhar: Taylor Swift Did Her Own Hair & Makeup For Her Latest Album

Totes Atmanirbhar: Taylor Swift Did Her Own Hair & Makeup For Her Latest Album

The surprise quarantine gift we all received from Taylor Swift in the form of her new album Folklore cannot be compared to anything else and I’m not saying just because I’m a die-hard Swiftie. It’s because the music, the melody, and the lyrics speak a haunting story of love, loss, heartbreak, grief, and of being a mad woman in this big world. 

Unlike her seven other studio albums, the singer-songwriter kept the new music a complete surprise with no build-up or promotion. She didn’t drop a single hint giving her fans merely hours to squeal before Folklore became available to stream. 

The new aesthetic and vibe of the album are very lowkey, lost-in-a-forest, misty and soft. The album artwork is a black and white picture of Swift from the back and one of the things we couldn’t get our eyes off of was her DIY loose, braided buns sitting low towards the nape of her neck. 

Writing about how the album was produced in the middle of the pandemic, the Exile singer wrote, “The entire shoot was overseen by a medical inspector, everyone wore masks, stayed away from each other. I even did my own hair, makeup, and styling.”


Forgoing the entire glam squad, the pop-country singer nailed her subtle barely-there makeup and her hair has that messy hair don’t care vibe. Well, it all goes with the albums low notes, haunting melodies, and heartbeat-like percussions. 

Don’t you think Swift should totally add hairstylist to her resume? Because while it looks fairly simple to do, it’s actually not that easy to do for a non-pro. We’re pretty sure these braided buns will be trending almost everywhere now.


The entire Folklore album is now streaming on all platforms, listen to it here.

We’ve all been sitting at home and getting bored during quarantine, the only difference is that Tay Tay used her time to make music and let her creative juices flow and we are just eating away our feelings. But seriously though, makeup, music, and hair, is there anything Taylor Swift can’t perfect? Totally atmanirbhar, right?!

Channel Your Inner Tay Tay:


Featured Image Source: Instagram

27 Jul 2020

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