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King Of Sass: Tim Gives A Savage Reply To Being Called ‘Gorgeous’ During Saif’s Interview

King Of Sass: Tim Gives A Savage Reply To Being Called ‘Gorgeous’ During Saif’s Interview

Since the arrival of little Taimur, parents Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan must have surely learned to share the limelight. For it is the little one who has been keeping the tabloids busy all this while, a media frenzy that does not seem to subside even 3 years after his birth. Taimur turns 4 this year and has nicely graduated from an uber-cute toddler to a charming kid and not to forget, an interview crasher! 

Of late, Taimur seems to have developed a liking for crashing Papa Khan’s interviews and well, we aren’t complaining at all. It was earlier this year in March when little Tim crashed Saif’s live interview all dressed up and ready in a hulk mask and gloves. And while he appeared all baffled and confused in that one as he kept asking his dad “Where is her? Where are you?” Tim seems to have caught on the idea of video interviews and had us in for a surprise this time. 

Taimur barged into an Anupama Chopra and Saif Ali Khan interview recently while the actor was talking about his film character Langda Tyagi from Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara. Needless to say, the attention quickly shifted to Tim who appeared to be in the mood to throw some shade. All smiles for the sudden burst of cuteness on her screen, Anupama couldn’t help from saying “he’s so gorgeous.” However, the little one had a surprising reply for the compliment as he maintained a straight face while saying, “I am not.” And awkward as it would have been for Saif, we did have our share of laughter at the little one’s reply. 

However, Saif made it a point to correct Tim and said, “She’s saying you are handsome. Say thank you.” Little Tim seemed to have melted to that as he quickly changed his expressions,  and finally said, “thank you.” Well, talk about Tim and his varying moods! This one surely seems to be taking on his actor parents with all those expressions and his never-ceasing charms. 

The audience surely noticed the adorable cameo and were soon commenting on the “cute special appearance.” Someone commented, “Haha look at these kids now …. they are so smart n specific about each word!!”

Earlier in April, Saif had shared that it is actually Taimur who has been keeping them happy and positive during the lockdown. “He’s just happy to have his parents around and that gives us a lot of positivity. We paint and spend time with each other as a family, and that’s, like I said, a silver lining in this lockdown.” 

Well, here’s hoping that Tim never outgrows the habit of crashing Saif’s interviews and serving his cuteness through those cameos!

Featured Image: Instagram

16 Jun 2020

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