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19 Sweet Nothings To Whisper In His Ears… And Make Him Blush!

19 Sweet Nothings To Whisper In His Ears… And Make Him Blush!

Making your man smile is one of the sexiest things in a relationship! There is something about the way his entire face lights up with happiness as he looks adoringly at you! Sometimes, all it takes is a few special words…said the right way! And what a better, more intimate, way than by whispering these sweet nothings into his ear?! Here are some that are sure to steal his heart and totally make him blush!

1. “You make me so happy!”

…he makes you smile and laugh as much as possible after all.


1 sweet things to say

2. “I love you.”

…three words that say everything.


3. “That could be us one day…”

…when you see an adorable couple you want to be like in the future.

4. “You smell amazing!”

…and you can give him a little kiss on his neck while you say this.


5. “This is perfect.”

…for those everyday moments that turn out to be what dreams are made of.

5 sweet things to say


6. “You’re the one.”

…the only one.

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7. “You look really good today!”

…effort should be appreciated!

8. “I’m so proud to be the one standing next to you!”

…let him know that you support him and are proud of him!


9. “Everything is going to be okay…”

…for when he needs reassurance!

9 sweet things to say


10. “I’m with you!”

…by your side, forever. Promise!

11. “I can be myself around you, it feels so special.”

…he deserves to know the truth!


12. “I used to imagine moments like these. But they’re so much more perfect in real life!”

…share your inner thoughts!

13. “I want to discover and learn new things with you!”

…be adventurous together! 13 sweet things to say


14. “I don’t feel like talking…”

…he’ll get the idea! *wink*

15. “Hey (Insert his name)…”

…hearing your name being whispered into your ear is a powerful thing!


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16. “You make me feel safe and special and wanted and loved.”

…he tries his best so let him know it’s working!


17. “You’re the best. I love everything about you, just the way you are!”

…’coz sometimes the truth has to be told!

17 sweet things to say


18. “No one in the world understands me like you do.”

…he’s special and he needs to know it!

19. “I’m yours…”

… now, always, forever!


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07 Oct 2016
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