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The Child Was Always Me!: Sushmita Sen Shares Adorable Old Picture With Daughter Renee

The Child Was Always Me!: Sushmita Sen Shares Adorable Old Picture With Daughter Renee

While it is often perceived that when one has kids, they need to impart a lot of knowledge and wisdom so that the child grows up to be a well-rounded individual. But an often overlooked fact is that children can also be the ones who help parents grow.

Bollywood bombshell and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen recently had a similar realisation. It seems like the actor was in nostalgia mode as she shared an old picture of herself with her older daughter Renee. Sushmita revealed that Renee was only two years old and she was 26 at the time. In the photo, Sushmita can be seen smiling and pointing at the camera, while Renee is looking at her with a stern expression.

Posting the picture on Instagram, she wrote, “Sometimes I look at these pictures and wonder, when I see Renee and me even at age 2 years and 26-years-old… the child was always me!!! It’s magical to realise I am the one who’s been mothered all along. I love you guys.”

Well, we think both children and parents learn from each other and help each other grow. And it is clear that Sushmita shares a very special bond with both her daughters.

On the work front, Sushmita recently got back to acting after a years-long hiatus. She chose to return to the small screen instead of working on a movie. Her show, called Aarya, was recently released on Hotstar and already has got rave reviews. 

Talking about her character on the show, she said, “There is a lot of me in Aarya. As a mother, I am very protective about my children. I am not a fussy mother. I can be a task mom and so is Aarya and that aspect has been brought by Sushmita into Aarya. There is a lot of fight in Aarya which is again something that I have abundantly in me,”

Well, it certainly seems like Sushmita is a very dedicated mother–she has redefined the idea of modern motherhood by adopting two young girls at a very young age herself–without feeling the need to attach herself to a man. Kudos to her, and we hope more young women warm up to the idea that there isn’t just one textbook version of a family!

Featured Image: Instagram

29 Jun 2020

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