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Sushmita Sen Gets Real About Why She Didn’t Get Married & Every Indian Woman Needs To Hear It

Sushmita Sen Gets Real About Why She Didn’t Get Married & Every Indian Woman Needs To Hear It

“Toh beta shaadi kab hai?” This is perhaps the most dreaded question for all single Indian women. From a young age, most women are conditioned to believe that they have to get married and ‘settle down’ or else log kya kahenge? However, things are changing around us and over the last few years, many of our favourite Bollywood actresses have proved that you can have it all without a ring on your finger.

Recently in a chat with Twinkle Khanna, Sushmita Sen opened up about her decision of staying unmarried and why she is grateful for it. The actress shared, “I’ve met some very interesting men in my life, and the only reason I didn’t get married is that they were a letdown. It had nothing to do with my kids. My kids were never in the equation, if anything, they’ve been very gracious. They have accepted people in my life with open arms, and given everybody an equal measure of love and respect. It’s the most beautiful thing to watch. I came close to getting married thrice. All three times God saved me. I can’t tell you what disasters followed with their respective lives. God did protect me, but also because God protected these two kids, he can’t let me get into a messy affair.”


Sushmita also shared that once she became a mom to Renee, every man who came into her life knew that her daughter was her priority. “My daughter is very, very important to me, till a certain age, because she needs me. Now, I don’t expect anybody to come and share the responsibility with me, but never try and ask me to step away from it,” said the Aarya star.

NGL, Sushmita always manages to impress us with her courage and determination. The actress is surely a trailblazer in the true sense of the word and we totally stan her. You do you, gorgeous lady!

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01 Jul 2022

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