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11 Things You (Probably) Did Not Know About Your Nipples!

11 Things You (Probably) Did Not Know About Your Nipples!

We all have questions about our nipples that we’ve never thought of asking or have been too embarrassed to ask. Here’s everything you need to know about your nipples! We bet you’ll be surprised by some of these. 😉

1. They can come in all sizes and colours – irrespective of the size and shape of your boobs!

There is no normal when it comes to the size and colour of your nipples. They can be big or small and range from dark to light, pink to brown, and so on. Everyone has a different size and colour! And it’s possible for a girl with small boobs to have big nipples and one with big boobs to have small ones.

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2. Some women have naturally over-sensitive nipples…

Nipple sensitivity for most women depends on where they are in their menstrual cycle. Nipples can get increasingly sensitive as a woman gets closer to her period. However, those with over-sensitive nipples often experience random hardening of nipples and can also experience soreness or chaffing from time to time.


3. And you can orgasm just by nipple stimulation!

Yes, that’s right! It is possible to achieve that orgasm simply by stimulating your nipples! This is one of the most erogenous zones in your body. So pay more attention (or ask your guy to) the next time you’re getting it on! The ladies with over-sensitive nipples might actually find it easier to achieve climax by this method.

4. You can get a “nipple erection” even when you’re not turned on

Your nipples can become harder, perkier and darker with sexual excitement, but also sometimes when you’re freezing or wearing a super tight top! It’s part of your body’s flight or fight response to any situation that feels less than comfortable. (Padded bras for the win!)

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5. Hair around the nipple is more common than you think.

Most women have some hair around their nipples! It is nothing to worry or feel embarrassed about. Simply pluck or wax if you feel the need to get rid of them!


6. It is possible to have more than two nipples

About 1 in 17 girls has them! They are often mistaken by people as moles or extra skin, but it is infact an extra nipple. And it is completely okay to have one! It is not in the least abnormal in any way. Some people choose to have the “extra” nipple surgically removed, but doing that or letting it remain makes no difference to your body.

7. Some women have inverted nipples (just like belly buttons!)

And it is 100% normal! They could sometimes create a bit of a problem when you are breastfeeding (since it makes it harder for the infant to grab onto), but apart from that it is not an uncommon phenomenon.

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8. It is not abnormal to have multiple bumps on your areola (the coloured or pigmented skin around your nipples)

No, they are not extra nipples. These bumps are called Montgomery glands and they actually secrete oil that help keep the areola lubricated. They become slightly larger and change colour when you are pregnant and breastfeeding.

9. There are multiple tiny openings on your nipples!

The physiological purpose of a nipple is to deliver milk to an infant. So when you start lactating (producing milk during pregnancy) is when these openings, which you obviously cannot see, come into play!


10. Your nipples can sometimes leak fluid

Even if you are not lactating. While it is a normal response if your breast has been squeezed ultra hard, if it happens often and without reason, it may be time to see your doctor and find out why it’s happening.

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11. Pregnancy can make your nipples darker and bigger

And bring about other changes too. The bumps on your areola become more pronounced and visible and during the last few months of pregnancy a thick yellowish substance begins to come out of your nipples (some may even start excreting this substance earlier or not at all).

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05 May 2016

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