10 Cool Sunglasses To Block The BS Out Of Your Life This Summer!

Sumona BoseSumona Bose  |  Mar 12, 2018
10 Cool Sunglasses To Block The BS Out Of Your Life This Summer!

Remember that mysterious girl from college who always had her wayfarers on, even when inside? Well, she was probably avoiding eye contact with the professor whose class she bunked last week. A wave of intrigue and a sure shot way to avoid awkward conversations, it’s fascinating how this one fashion item hold can hold so much power! They are also one of the best ways you can express your individuality with fashion. It is one of the first things people notice about you, so you better make it a good one!

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Sunglasses are also a summer essential. And summer 2018 looks like it’s about to have a great time with all of the different styles that have started to rage. From super small 90s sunglasses to OTT coloured ones, we picked the best styles for you to rock this season.

1. Can You Cateye?


Overly angled and sharp, this extreme version of cat-eye glasses are a step up from the usual oversized ones. Excellent in elongating the face, this will be a saviour for a round-faced lass looking for a change in appearance.

Price: ₹ 999. Buy it here.

2. 60s Chic


Elvis might have been the king of oversized square sunglasses but millennials have made this old-school style their own! Settling the argument once and for all.. yes size matters (*wink*)!

Price: ₹ 660. Buy it here.

3. The One That Is So Fetch!


Full framed sunglasses are the preferred vibe for the summer. We found a stylish pair from Zara for you to try on!

Price: ₹ 1,490. Buy it here.

4. The Moody Blues


They say ‘Blue is the warmest colour’, so what better way to add summery vibes to your vacay outfits than in this stylish pair from Polaroid!

Price: ₹ 3,900. Buy it here.

5. The Retro Ones You Should Try


Last seen just after the Matrix movies came out, these retro sunglasses are back in business in 2018! We bet you haven’t tried something like this before?

Price: ₹ 1,790. Buy it here.

6. Mirrored Glasses To Peek Into Your Soul


Mirrored sunglasses are a perpetual favourite of young adults everywhere. From helping out with quirky Instagram shots to being the constant source of hair fixes for your girlfriends, this one goes a long way!

Price: ₹ 749. Buy it here.

7. The Classic Aviators


Aviators are one of those fashion that will always stay in style. They are just built to wear and feel a total badass. An aesthetic, fashionistas shall always crave!

Price: ₹ 4,000. Buy it here.

8. Those Coloured Sunglasses From Coachella


We love music festival fashion! All the fringed crop tops and headbands from Coachella can be recreated as fab summer outfit, the final touch… A bomb pair of coloured sunglasses!

Price: ₹ 1,699. Buy it here.

9. Super Small Ones From The 90s


Catching fire with Bella Hadid, these super small 90s sunglasses are everywhere these days. Give this viral trend a try, if you dare!

Price: ₹ 1,900. Buy it here.

10. The Splurge!


All the moody and dreamlike Instagram shots you come across have one thing in common, a dainty pair of soft-hued sunglasses. This fuschia number is worth every penny, once you find out how amazing it photographs!

Price: ₹ 8,190. Buy it here.