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Beat The Heat In Style - FAB Sunglasses For Rs 799!

Beat The Heat In Style - FAB Sunglasses For Rs 799!
Summer is here and it’s time to take out those shades before you walk out in the sun! Sunglasses are that one thing that could either be a timeless classics or just new age quirky. We’ve put together our favorites here - so take your pick! The best part? They are all below Rs.799 so you can actually go ahead and grab a few of them!

1. The One With The Bold Lines!

Sunglasses for summer These super cool wayfarer styled sunglasses are perfect for the girl who likes to keep it classy with a little hint of bold! The outline all over the rims make this one super special! Price: Rs 699. Buy them here.

2. Flocked Surfaces!

Sunglasses for summer These delightfully flocked wayfarers are for every girl who dreams in technicolour. They will definitely stand out when worn, and will give you that edge over the rest of the world! Price: Rs 795. Buy them here.

3. The New Age Glamour!

Sunglasses for summer Like experimenting with your sunglasses? Then these angular-cut frames with a futuristic design is just right for you! They’re so unique in their design that they’re all you need to make a style statement. Price: Rs 799. Buy them here.

4. Statement black!

Sunglasses for summer Black always works and this fab pair just took the classic black sunglasses to a whole new level. These brow line sunnies are elegant and striking because of their unique broad-rimmed frames. You’d really want to try these! Price: Rs 799. Buy them here.

5. The Feline Eyes

Sunglasses for summer Get yourself some cat eye sunglasses - they’re totally in vogue and oh-so-retro! These golden-framed ones are for the girl who knows her pouts and poses well - if you know what we mean.
Price: Rs 695. Buy them here.

6.The Classic Tinted Aviators

Sunglasses for summer Who wouldn’t love to get themselves some classic aviators and that too in this midnight blue tinted shade?! The thin gold frames are right on point. And for that price, we’d be able to build a castle out of these! Price: Rs 499. Buy them here.

7. The John Lennon Inspired Ones!

Sunglasses for summer These round-framed beauties are so pretty, aren’t they? The light brown tinted glass complements the soft round shape of this totally cool and trendy number. Price: Rs 695. Buy them here.

8. The Mirrored Magic!

Sunglasses for summer Mirrored glasses are all the rage this season and you’ve got to get yourself a pair too! With their crazy-patterned half-frames and their yellow reflective glass, this trendy beauty is clearly a winner! Price: Rs 699. Buy them here.
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