13 Stylish Summer Fashion Essentials For Rs 500 Or Less!

Srishti SabharwalSrishti Sabharwal  |  Jul 4, 2017
13 Stylish Summer Fashion Essentials For Rs 500 Or Less!


We never have enough clothes in our closet and when summer strikes, we really can’t get enough of shopping! But with a budget, it’s a little hard to keep up with our fashion needs. If you’re just like us and want to update your summer wardrobe without spending a bomb, you’re just where you should be! Here are 13 stylish summer fashion essentials for Rs 500 or less that’ll make you so happy!

1. Coral Craze


What’s summer without a comfortable dress in a soothing colour? This coral pink dress with bell sleeves is the simple yet trendy piece your summer wardrobe needs!

Price: ₹ 479. Buy it here.

2. Pencil Perfection


Ditch that basic black pencil skirt and go for something different this season. A printed pencil skirt for instance, is something you can wear to work and for a night out right after!

Price: ₹ 500. Buy it here.

3. Monochrome Magic


The cold shoulder trend has taken over all the racks in the shopping malls and it’s time you make space for it in your closet too. This simple monochrome top exudes a feminine vibe that we bet you won’t be able to resist!

Price: ₹ 449. Buy it here.

4. Girl On The Go  


With monsoon around the corner, it’s a good idea to have a clutch that can withstand the weather. To keep all your everyday essentials safe when you’re on the go, you’ll need this clutch!

Price: ₹ 475. Buy it here.

5. Casual Cool


When the weather gets too hot, you need an outfit that’ll keep you cool. What better than this tank top with a pineapple motif? Wear it with distressed denims for a summer ready OOTD!

Price: ₹ 495. Buy it here.

6. Not-So-Basic


We all need a not-so-basic top to take our look up a notch. One that we can wear with jeans, shorts and still look a tad bit different. A high-low top like this one should do the job well!

Price: ₹ 479. Buy it here.

7. It’s Getting Hot In Here!


It isn’t officially summer if you aren’t wearing hot pants! Get one in an unusual colour to drift away from the cliche and give your look a stylish twist. Invest in this pair of olive green hot pants, maybe?

Price: ₹ 499. Buy it here.

8. Feminine Charm


A skirt that speaks elegance is an instant ego boost. Don’t we all need a flared skirt that makes us feel pretty instantly? This multicoloured skirt can be worn with a crop top for a college ready look!

Price: ₹ 479. Buy it here.

9. Happy Feet!


Sneakers might be cool, but when the weather isn’t in your favour, you need a pair of flats that keep you cool and classy at the same time. These blue flats are a neutral pair that’ll complement all your outfits!

Price: ₹ 499. Buy it here.

10. Tassel Time


A carry me everywhere tote bag is a fashion essential every girl must have. It fits in everything you need while adding a polished touch to your outfit. This one with tassels is a trendy piece you shouldn’t miss out on!

Price: ₹ 450. Buy it here.

11. Summer Lovin’


Cutesy dresses are the reason we look forward to summer! The kind of dresses that add a splash of colour to your look are just what you need to brighten up your dull days. Like this black and white printed dress… We love it!

Price: ₹ 479. Buy it here.

12. Desi Beats!


This one’s for all the desi girls in the house! A kurti always comes to our rescue when we can’t decide what to wear. It’s versatile nature and comfortable fitting makes it perfect for the summer. For this price, we’d buy two of these!

Price: ₹ 450. Buy it here.

13. Easy Breezy


Every desi girl needs a pair of palazzos in her wardrobe to sail through the summer in style. They’re the best alternative to jeans during the warmer seasons and go so well with all the kurtis we own! What are you waiting for? Get these orange palazzos right away!  

Price: ₹ 480. Buy it here.

Don’t you love them all?

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