7 Struggles Of Having Sex In The Shower That Are All Too Real!

Arya KhannaArya Khanna  |  May 5, 2016
7 Struggles Of Having Sex In The Shower That Are All Too Real!

However hot, steamy and sexy shower sex may sound, or even look in movies – the struggle while trying to do it in the shower is very real! Here are a few things we all struggle with while having sex in the shower…

1. You never really know when you might slip!

There is a reason you don’t dance around in your bathing area every day – it is slippery! Having sex in the shower definitely makes you more vulnerable to falling and injuring either yourself or your partner!

2. Umm… Kissing?

You’re trying to kiss and get all sexy – oh but hold on, you’re also constantly swallowing water you do not want to swallow! Oops.

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3. Water isn’t the ideal lubricant…

Ironic, haan?! Well, water might get you wet everywhere else – but it actually dries out the lubrication that you, ahem, need.

4. What about the position?

Trying to switch positions in the shower is pretty tricky! As if standing up straight and having sex without much support wasn’t difficult enough, all that water makes it even trickier! So there you are, stuck in one position, trying your level best not to slip!

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5. “Ouch, I got soap in my eye!”

When you’re trying to be all cute and sexy, and give each other a nice scrub – and ouch! There goes some soap or shampoo in your eye. Not so comfortable.

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6. Hot and cold…

Either one of you will be cold or the other will feel like the water is basically burning their skin. You can never be okay with the same temperature water. Period.

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7. Where is the space?!

Unless you have a huge and spacious shower area, chances are you’re going to end up banging many different parts of your body, many different times. The struggle is real!

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