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Do Yourself A Favour & Add Some Breezy Cotton Sarees To Your Work Wardrobe This Summer

Do Yourself A Favour & Add Some Breezy Cotton Sarees To Your Work Wardrobe This Summer

When temperature starts soaring, my heart starts fluttering with joy for it’s the time to unleash my summer wardrobe and all its breezy charms. And while I do enjoy my share of sundresses and fun skirts, I have recently started exploring the six-yard magic of saree and I kid you not, I just can’t stop stocking on these beauties. Interestingly, Indian summers provide us with just the right opportunity to explore the cotton weaves and my recent exploration of the same has me rather transfixed.

A  while ago I used to think of cotton sarees as a uniform category. However, in the past couple of years, my incessant love for sarees and the never-ceasing curiosity about them has exposed me to the alluring world of pristine Kasavus, airy mulmuls, delicate chanderis and what not!

This year, I plan to take it a step further and wear cotton sarees to the office. Sounds a bit too much? Trust me, it’s not given that you know what to buy and where to buy it from. Needless to say, by now, I am deep down into my cotton saree research and have a list of websites that I confess of frequenting more often than I should. Having said that, I am dying to share my findings with you and make cotton saree shopping a cakewalk for you all. Intrigued? Scroll through for the love of handloom: 


Simply type “cotton sarees” in the search bar and you’d be surprised to see the exquisite array of sarees that Ajio has in store. From Kerala Kasavu to some gorgeous Kalamkari beauties, there is a cotton saree for everyone on this website. And the lucrative price range is sure to make things better for you. Ajio easily has the most exhaustive array of cotton sarees, which are available online in India and offers you a selection of exclusive picks that makes it all the more better.  


Unnati Silks

If you happen to be even a little bit of saree enthusiast, then you should be aware that it is the cotton sarees from South India that reign supreme for their intricate zari borders and the variety of weaves. Especially the cotton silk (Chettinad Cotton) and Mangalgiri sarees from Andhra Pradesh have a way of always catching the eye for their traditional beauty. Besides an assortment of some really fine silk sarees, Unnati Silks is one of those very few websites that offer authentic Mangalgiri and South Cotton sarees at reasonable prices and made it to our list for the same reason. They offer a gorgeous assortment of Kachi cotton sarees as well. 


Think sarees are uncomfortable? If you answer this with a “yes” then it is safe to assume that you have never owned a mulmul beauty. Feather-light and unbelievably soft, these sarees are sure to change the entire saree experience for you. And you can easily rely on Suta for some gorgeous picks. Owned by the dynamic sister duo, Sujata and Taniya (Su and Ta), the brand has been effectively translating the magic of West Bengal artisans and their authentic weaving into breathable fabric that is pure love. Their best-selling mulmul sarees or “Made in heaven Mul” as the founders like to call it, is a must in every woman’s saree arsenal. Additionally, you can also give their “Mul Kesh” saree a try. Made out of recycled cotton, which is delicately woven with fresh yarn, this saree is Bengal’s lesson in sustainability.


Championing the 500-year-old craft of Rajasthani block prints, Kilol offers you an assortment of sarees that will remind you of the soft breeze and summer nights. The brand has an assortment of delicate traditional sarees that have been enhanced with a modern interpretation thus making them perfect statement workwear. Their floral prints have a characteristic uniqueness about them that makes a Kilol saree easily recognisable and we guess that’s reason enough to add one (or more) to your office wear wardrobe. 

The Loom

If you seek cotton sarees in contemporary designs, then The Loom might just be the place for you. From indigo ajraks to some gorgeous Zari-enhanced beauties, the sarees are handwoven and perfect for work owing to their modern appeal.  


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Ideal for hot and humid weather, the Bengal Tant saree would perhaps be the best pick from Crafstvilla. While the tant sarees happen to be really economical and easy to find, it’s the right colour and weaving that posits a significant challenge. Craftsvilla collection of tant sarees, however, is really elegant and just perfect for the office. 


Fabindia’s range of sarees deserves a place in this list for their unique appeal. The sarees retain their USP for their subtle appeal suggestive of delicate strength. Their sarees have a personality of their own and we are hooked for the exact same reason. Currently, they have some breath-taking chanderis and cotton silks in their collection and you may try but it’s hard not to fall in love. 


While Jaypore boasts of an extensive range of cotton sarees, it’s their curation of Kota and chikan cottons that have us especially enamoured right now. Dipped in summer pastels, the sarees look like something that you’d love to wear throughout a busy day at work.


Well, that’s about it ladies and honestly, with this array of heavy-duty websites, you’d never have to look anywhere else for cotton sarees. What kind of cotton saree did I just convince you to buy? 

Featured Image: Instagram

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12 Mar 2020

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