Why Don’t Girls Wear Sarees Anymore? Desi Girls Reveal!

Why Don’t Girls Wear Sarees Anymore? Desi Girls Reveal!
The one Indian attire that every woman in India wears at least once in her lifetime is a saree. It is a traditional garment that women drape around their body. And just as the fashion industry is evolving, so are the ways to drape a saree. Some old trends are making a comeback and some new, modernly influenced, trends are coming up. But the challenges of wearing a saree still remain the same. Draping a nine yard piece of fabric, making those pleats, pinning up the pallu and what not - the list is endless. To answer the question of why the desi girl is not wearing a saree anymore, what’s better than having desi girls answer the question themselves?

1. Difficult to wear!

Triya Bhattacharya answers on Quora: “I can't figure out how to hold the pleats so that they stay, for the life of me. You cannot match the ease of slipping into a jeans when you need to figure out layers of clothing and what goes where. Already women have less time, this will just add to the hassle. Not only is wearing a saree a hassle, even buying it and getting it ready is. You need to get a blouse and underskirt stitched for every one separately.” 1 DESI girl is not wearing a saree anymore

2. It’s a bit uncomfortable...

Agratha  Dinakaran answers on Quora: “Sarees are really uncomfortable for today's women. You have to be cautious of every step when you walk in one. I'm so graceful, that while getting out of my chair at a food court once, my inskirt slipped down and the funny bit was, I didn't even know how I could fix it (thankfully, a friend did). Most of us weren't given sarees to wear at a younger age. I have zero exposure to wearing a saree. I am used to wearing frocks, skirts, jeans, trousers, pretty much all my life.”

3. They ain’t got no pockets!

Gauri Noolkar answers on Quora: “Sarees don't have pockets. There! Do I need to explain more?”
3 DESI girl is not wearing a saree anymore

4. Takes too much time

Chandrima Bhattacharya answers on Quora: “Sarees takes a long time to be worn. And after that there is the makeup session to match the traditional look. So any woman wouldn't like to invest the time until there is a particular occasion which required the time investment.” You can read the full thread here on Quora. GIFs: Tumblr