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Staying Over At Your Boyfriend’s? Here’s What To Pack!

It’s not what you think it is. We’re not giving you gyan about “protective gear” – though, that wouldn’t be a bad idea! Anyway, staying over at the boyfriend’s, especially the first few times, can bring on some very, very mixed feelings – “I can’t wait to fall asleep on his shoulder” and “What if he sees my not-so-pretty face when I’m in deep, deep slumber?” or “Oh god! What if he sees me drooling?!” We get it – it can be nerve-wrecking, spending a night at your Significant Other’s place. And we’re here to help! Though we can’t help you with awkward sleep positions, we sure as hell can tell you what to pack for your overnight voyage on the “love boat”. You can thank us later!


Overnight bag

1. A bag of toiletries

Now now, don’t go on thinking we’re suggesting basics here. Besides the regular toothbrush-hair comb-moisturizer routine, here are some must-haves for the night you’re SO going to need:

Body Mist: You don’t want to drown him in perfume, and you don’t want to be smelling like your “natural self” after a looooong day at work/college. Your mid-path answer is a body mist, just so he doesn’t smell you before he touches you!

Vaseline: Though lip balms are a great go-to after an extended lip-locking session, Vaseline petroleum jelly is the safest, most effective replenisher for luscious lips. Go on, a mini one wouldn’t make your night bag heavier.

Tampons: In case it’s “that time of the month”, tampons always work better when you’re trying to cosy up with someone. Why? Because you don’t have to worry about sleeping in awkward positions, and it keeps your Pink Princess all nice and clean. If you’re new to tampons, here’s everything you need to know about tampons.

Overnight bag 1

2. Lingerie (Lacy AND Regulars)

Come on, this one is a no-brainer. You obviously don’t want to get into bed with him in your granny panties! So, pack a pair of your prettiest delicates, AND keep an extra pair of cotton ones for the next morning, because you don’t want to suffocate your sensitive areas with satin for too long. Given the heat, a cotton pair of underpants is just what you need when heading out the next morning!

Overnight bag 2

3. Mint: The Last-Minute Saviour

While we always advocate dental hygiene, and would suggest you brush before bed, something like a box of Altoids – in case you get too lazy or too comfortable in bed with him – will totally come in handy.

4. Light Makeup

You don’t want to be looking like a WHOLE different version of yourself the next morning; just a light base, some kajal/eyeliner and lip balm is just what you need to make you look morning fresh! Look at it this way – if you’re conscious about being around him without makeup at night, light makeup works just fine!

Overnight bag 3

5. Pajamas. JUST Pajamas

You want to be comfortable in your cutesy night pajamas or shorts, whichever you prefer. However, the trick here is to JUST pack the bottoms. Why, you ask? Because, borrowing his clothes is a different level of sexy! Don’t believe us? Give it a shot and let us know later.

6. A Towel And Some Wipes

Yes, we know it’s his home, and obviously he’s going to have one in his bathroom. But just to be on the safe side, pack one! Because sometimes men can be pretty silly and have handkerchief-sized towels that are no good for a proper rub-down! Also, baby wipes can come in super-handy – if things get “exciting”, there’s a good chance you will need some clean-up aid. And they’re also great to just wipe your face with in case you have to skip your CTM routine!


Yeah, we mentioned this earlier, but it’s worth mentioning again. Do. Not. Forget. You never, ever want to be stranded high and dry, do you? So stuff those condoms into your bag already! 😛

Overnight bag 4

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06 May 2016

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