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Ditch The Wings: The Square Eyeliner Is The Hottest Beauty Trend On The ‘Gram

Ditch The Wings: The Square Eyeliner Is The Hottest Beauty Trend On The ‘Gram

It’s true that no eye makeup trend can take the place of the iconic winged-eyeliner. However, there’s always room for experimenting. Allow me to introduce you to the fancy square eyeliner trend. You’ll love it because it’s minimal, neat and oh-so-gorgeous. Unlike most eyeliner trends, the focus here isn’t on the thickness of the line on the upper lash line, but on the outer V. The little black square helps to create depth and add definition to the eyes. And, what do you need to ace this super fun eye makeup look? A good quality liquid matte eyeliner for girls, of course!

How To Do A Square Eyeliner Makeup Look

Trust me, it’s easier than you think.

Step 1: With your liquid eyeliner, create a basic cat-eye

Step 2: Instead of extending the tail, simply square it off. 

Step 3: Finish the look by coating your lashes with mascara. 

Step 4: Once you’re done experimenting, carefully take off your eye makeup. 

If you don’t like those big, bold squares, you can always opt for tiny ones like this one. 

If you want the focus to only be on the squares, then you can skip lining your upper lash line and only focus on the outer V like this one. 

Black isn’t your colour? No problem! How about playing with coloured eyeliner?

Have fun, go crazy with this eye makeup trend. Think of your face as a canvas and your eyeliner wand to be this amazing paintbrush – and you’re about to create a masterpiece! As mentioned earlier, you don’t necessarily have to stick to using a black liquid eyeliner, you can play with colours too. I showed you three ways to do the square eyeliner. Which one do you gravitate towards the most? Tell me, I’m all ears!

Images: Instagram

09 Jul 2020

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