The Spring Prints You Should Be Wearing This Season (No, Not Floral!)

Arunima RustagiArunima Rustagi  |  Mar 15, 2018
The Spring Prints You Should Be Wearing This Season (No, Not Floral!)

Through all the ‘fashion’ TV shows and movies I’ve ever watched – and I’ve watched plenty, trust me – there was one line that stuck with me. “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” The Prada-wearing devil struck a chord. While the floral print is and will remain the Queen of spring prints, there are other applaudable contenders that feel left out.

It’s time you opened the door to a world of prints that are worthy of your wardrobe. From mixed stripes to doodles, the options, both Indian and western, are plenty.

Too many prints, and not enough time before spring kicks in full gear? Fret not, friends, you can start off with this fresh list for a print-astic style run this season. Here goes:

1. When Life Gives You Lemons


I don’t know why, but lemons scream spring like nothing else. D&G’s lemon print sundresses got the ball rolling, and how! What I’m excited about, though, is this lemon print kurta here. Florals will always be there, but this print definitely deserves some exclusive T and C from you.

Price: ₹ 1,299. Buy it here.

2. Smoothie Season


It’s getting warmer, and that means, our drinks are getting cooler. ‘Tis the season for iced lattes and organic smoothies. Wear your mood with this baby pink shift dress. Zoom into the 100% organic smoothie print once, and you’re sold. Wear this print with fuzzy slippers, or for a more formal outing, mules would be perfect with this look.

Price: ₹ 899. Buy it here.

3. Let’s Doodle


Spring is the perfect time to add quirky prints to your wardrobe. And what’s quirkier than this cute caricature doodle print? It’s perfect for days you need a pick-me-up on. Tuck this shirt into a pair of black wide legged jeans and add white sneakers for a casual-chic style outfit. Voila! You’re all set for a day out in town.

Price: ₹ 1,390. Buy it here.

4. The New Floral


I don’t know why no one thought of this before, but I’m super thankful for this print. It’s two of my favourites combined: stripes and floral. If you’re thinking of swapping florals in with another print, but are already getting separation anxiety, this skirt is for you. Club it with a crisp white shirt and white block heels for the perfect summer brunch getup.

Price: ₹ 858. Buy it here.

5. Ornate Obsession


Ornate prints are back with a bang. Inspired from porcelain, this classic blue and white Grecian style print is off-beat and fun at the same time. Pack this bikini for your (long) weekend getaway. Or you could wear this to a pool party, and bring Greece to you instead. Wear a sheer kimono and thong slippers to complete the look.

Price: ₹ 1781. Buy it here.

6. ‘Leaf’ Me Alone


Hawaii isn’t too far when you’ve got this beachy print in your closet. Leaf print is in, and in a big way. Welcome it into your spring lineup this year, and watch how your vacation style game levels up. How about this breezy red maxi dress to start you off?

Price: ₹ 1,899. Buy it here.

7. Wild One


Zebra stripes might be a thing of the past, but who says we have to let go of them altogether? Prints like this one are the reason I love spring dressing. A repeat print with zebras on a bright crimson background = as fresh as it gets. How great would a pair of shredded cuff jeans look with this shirt?  

Price: ₹ 3,990. Buy it here.

8. Get ‘Ziggy’ With It


If you recognise the signature Missoni print, this one would seem familiar. A quirkier and edgier version of the chevron print, this ragged zig-zag like pattern is my new favourite. So, add this playsuit to your cart already, will you?

Price: ₹ 2,900. Buy it here.

9. Stripe Party


If regular stripes have managed to wear you down, mix it up with this chic variation of the long time classic. So, climb aboard the stripe-on-stripe print train, and get ready to watch your wardrobe game reach new heights. I’d personally wear this shirt everywhere, but it’s most definitely a workwear wonder. Pair it with culottes and pumps, and a tote bag to match!

Price: ₹ 1,590. Buy it here.