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Time To Add All The Floral Kurtas To Your Cart Because Spring Is Here!

Miranda Priestly's sarcastic remark about ‘florals for spring’ being “groundbreaking” got a chuckle out of women everywhere. It’s funny ‘coz it’s true! Bright and happy florals for spring has indeed become one of those fashion cliches that is hard to shake off. The marketplace is awash with floral dresses and skirts with big statement prints dominating the scene.

Internal floral kurtas

While we do see the appeal of floral outfits in springtime, it is not necessary to give in to it completely. Fortunately, there is one style back home that will satisfy your unsatiated need for florals while not falling prey to the whole hype! Hand-printed and embroidered chic kurtas with just a hint of the flora. We imagine the perfect spring outfit to be a stylish kurta paired with comfy pyjamas and palazzos (sans the dupatta!) This way we can cover our favourite bright day aesthetic… being desi yet contemporary with comfortable silhouettes and fabrics. We are adding all the floral kurtas to our cart today, you can too!

Groundbreaking indeed!

Published on Mar 11, 2018
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