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#WednesdayWisdom: 10 Facts About Sperms We All Should Know

#WednesdayWisdom: 10 Facts About Sperms We All Should Know

The human anatomy is quite complicated if you get into the details. One part of it is the male reproductory system, and while we talk a lot about female reproduction, this time we are throwing some light on the former. Case in point: the sperm. Now, some people think that sperm is synonymous to semen but it is actually not the case. A sperm is a cell present in the white coloured fluid called semen, which is the result of male orgasms. Sperms are tiny wiggling bodies that, during intercourse, travel to a woman’s egg and are capable of reproduction. Isn’t it amazing that something so tiny can actually make one of you and me?

But there’s so much more to the ‘sexy swimmers’ than making babies. And here are 10 facts that you should know about it.

10 Facts About Sperms

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90% Of The Sperms Produced Are Deformed


It’s true! Some of them come out with two heads or two tails or no heads at all. This means that only 10% of the total sperms produced by a man can be put to real use. That’s a lot of pressure, buddy!

One Ejaculation Is Half A Teaspoon Big

A man, at once, can only ejaculate semen that can fit into a teaspoon. Half a teaspoon, to be precise. But don’t worry ladies, that is more than enough to make a baby.

A Man Can Live With One Testicle

Not just that, he can also produce healthy sperms with one testicle.

There Are 200 Million Sperms That Come Out In One Ejaculation

Are we saying that there are 200 million sperm cells in that half a teaspoon? Why, yes! Now that’s something, right?

Sperms Increase By The Second


Men are constantly making more and more sperms every second–roughly 1500 sperms per second. This rate, however, decreases as they age. DId you know that?

The Lifespan

Sperms can live in a woman’s body for about two days. That’s right! Having second thoughts about that unprotected naughty session on your last day of period? Thought so!

Good Diet Means Good Sperm

A man can make good quality sperms if he eats healthy. Think food items like oysters, bananas, walnuts, asparagus, garlic, lean beef, and chocolate. It is also important to drink plenty of water because sperms spend their short lives in them.

Most Sperms Can’t Swim Straight

Only one in five sperms have the sense to swim straight to the vagina. Others just get lost in a woman’s vagina. How about that!

Semen Is Not Supposed To Smell Bad


Bad-smelling semen could be a sign of an underlying health condition. It is important to speak to your sexologist if the problem persists.

Semen Facials Are A Thing!

For whatever reasons, semen facials are a thing for real. Yes, it’s exactly how it sounds. No, we aren’t kidding you. Apparently, applying semen on your face is known to give a glow like nothing else. Would you try it though?

Featured Image: Unsplash

04 Aug 2020

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