Solid Entertainment! Top 2021 POPxo Videos That We Can’t Stop Watching

Ravina SachdevRavina Sachdev  |  Dec 24, 2021
Solid Entertainment! Top 2021 POPxo Videos That We Can’t Stop Watching


Ask us our fave way to kill time, and we’ll be quick to answer that it’s watching videos on the ‘gram. It’s probably the first thing we do after waking up and definitely the last thing we do before sleeping. NGL, watching these funny videos definitely puts us in a great mood. This is why we decided to round up some of our best videos from the year that are entertaining AF. Have a look?

  1. Need of the hour!

2. When #POPxo launched exciting makeup kits, we planned glamm makeup sessions with our BFFs!

3. Looking for an easy solution for your acne? We got you covered!

4. The only correct way to make an entrance to our ex’s wedding, right?

5. Is it even a work call without a zillion things happening at home in the background? Bus karo yr Mummy!

6. What’s better than one Kaushal brother? Two of them!

7. We are NEVER EVER getting over Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s dreamy wedding. Ever.

8. The only kinda sparkle we need in life! Santa, you listening?

9. If your new year resolution is to lead a healthy life, here’s how you can do so easily!

10. The BFF anytime we’re in a dharamsankat!

11. Every desi mom ever after 9 AM!

12. Watch this video to know all about Kriti Sanon’s #NatureLikeFreshness and thank us later!

13. The magical gummies you need for a pain-free period!

14. To all the moms out there!

15. Yeh dukh kahe khatam nahi hota?

16. Diwali shopping made easy with Home Centre!

17. Why should breastfeeding be the mother’s responsibility only? Kudos to Philips Avent for trying to make breastfeeding a gender-neutral responsibility.

18. LOL, relatable AF!

19. Easy cheese burst garlic bread recipe to impress bae next time he comes over! *Wink*

20. We’ve been obsessed with Home Centre for quite some time and here’s proof!

21. The cutest looking skincare you need to get your hands on now!

We hope you had as much fun watching these videos as we had putting them together for you. And we promise that 2022 is going to be even better!

Featured Image: Instagram