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9 Awesome Tips To Make The Most Of Those Diwali Sales!

9 Awesome Tips To Make The Most Of Those Diwali Sales!

There’s nothing that can fill us with a serious thrill of excitement like the word ‘Sale’! Exciting as they may be, sometimes a sale can land us in a serious financial crisis, ‘coz we can’t help but buy extra when the prices are slashed. But we can only blame the tempting nature of sales for that. So with all those big Diwali and year end sales coming up, we decided to give you some useful sale shopping tips for buying stuff during this season. These 9 tips will definitely help you shop like a pro, minus that shopper’s guilt after!


1. Do your Homework Well!

Go through your wardrobe as thoroughly as possible! Knowing what you already own and what you need will solve 90% of your shopping hassles. Also, make a list of things you bought but never wore. Try to think of something you could buy to complement such items!

2. Update Your Current Wardrobe

2 sale shopping tips

When shopping, keep an eye out for clothes that’ll complement your old clothes. Look for jackets, shrugs or any kind of smart layers that can be worn with clothes you already own! Sales are the best time to stock up on add ons that’ll give a new look to your old clothes.

3. Be A Smart Babe On A Budget

Always! Before you head out to start shopping, make a budget that is practical. Plan it out well in advance and start saving up a few months in prior. This way, you’ll reduce the chances of having a *broke* moment during the month you go sale shopping.

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4. Accessories Galore!

4 sale shopping tips

Sales mean gorgeous and inexpensive accessories! Nobody likes to spend a massive amount of money on tiny things that people may or may not even notice. Hence, sales are the best time to shop for any kind of accessories. Stock up on all shoes, bags and statement fashion jewellery!

5. Think Of The Future

Planning ahead is not only a smart but also a very pocket friendly quality to possess. Looking at sweaters and leather jackets in the peak of summers will surely make you cringe, but go ahead and invest in them. Off season deals are the best, no? Also think if you have any upcoming functions to attend a few months down the line. Sales are the place to shop for events that require you to spend a lot!

6. Go Online!

6 sale shopping tips

Go online and stalk all your favourite shopping websites! We all know the wonderful advantages of shopping online, like not needing to put on a bra and step out of the house! But online stores also offer some incredible deals and discounts. So if you’re one of those who are skeptical of online shopping websites, try sale time. You’ll find some of the most fantastic deals on items you otherwise would spend a bomb on!

7. Keep Up With The Trends…

…the smart way! You don’t HAVE to follow the trend just how it is. Know what suits you, be choosy and most importantly, be you! Stay true to your style and look for items during sales that are trendy, yet not so cliche.

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8. Shop Evergreen!

8 sale shopping tips

There are trends that keep changing and then there are trends that’ll last forever. Basic tees, denim jeans, classic blazers, simple kurtis and pretty chiffon tops! These are just a few of those essentials that’ll never go out of style. So if you come across a good deal on any item that is not affected by the trends, please do invest!

9. Need > Temptation

Sometimes the prices at sales are so crazy that they make us want things we absolutely don’t need! Do not give in to this lucrative trap. Your budget will go haywire and you’ll definitely overspend. Sales are tempting, but that’s not something we didn’t know! So stick to your budget and make sure you stock up on all the things you need to give yourself a pocket friendly makeover. 🙂

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28 Sep 2016

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