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All The Cool Girls Are Rocking The Middle-Part, Sleek Bun Updo & It’s Super Low Effort

All The Cool Girls Are Rocking The Middle-Part, Sleek Bun Updo & It’s Super Low Effort

You’ve seen it all over the internet- the middle-part bun is the go-to hairstyle that all the cool girls are rocking and we’ve been amazed ever since we laid eyes on it. Sleek and super shiny, this is low effort and gives the face a naturally lifted look. 

The middle-part bun is favoured by the likes of celebs like Bella Hadid, Hailey Beiber, Shanaya Kapoor and Anushka Sharma and that’s because it’s easy to do and looks great with all outfits. So, wanna hop on this trend too? We’ve got you covered.

The Key Features Of The Updo

This trending hair bun is sleek, centre-parted, and often has lip-grazing tendrils that frame the face to go alongside it. It can be created on both clean or unwashed hair and ain’t that just awesome for all of us lazy people out there?

Stock Up On These To Create The Style

If you are looking to create this look, you will need a few products and tools at hand. Since hairspray is the hero product of this look, make sure to stock up on a lot of it if you wish to make this your go-to hairstyle. You will need a strong to medium hold hairspray, a flat iron, hair ties, and a shine spray. It also helps to have a clear and healthy mane, so use the right shampoo and conditioner on the regular to indulge in this hairstyle often. Even hair massages with oils can help strengthen your locks for styling.


How To Create The Sleek Middle-Part Hairstyle

Step 1: Create A Divide

Begin by creating a centre parting and then use it to divide your hair into two sections all the way to the back of the head. Apply serum to the lengths on both sections of your hair.

Step 2: Hairspray It Up

Time to use the hairspray at the roots of your mane. Use enough to cover and wet the roots on both sides and then comb the sections.

Step 3: Lift Tight

Without wasting any time, take both sections and tightly pull them away from your face and towards your crown. Use the help of a comb or brush so that it is neat and sleek.

Step 4: Tell The Tail

Once you’ve pulled both sections away from your face, connect them at the crown by tying them into a tight ponytail. Use a rat tail comb to pull out a few tendrils from either side of the centre parting to frame your face.


Step 5: Wrap & Run

Twist the ponytail into a bun and let the ends sprout out. Run a flat iron on those ends and on the face-framing tendrils to create a super sleek effect.

Step 6: Time To Shine

Now that you have set your hair in place, use a shine spray to add that mirror effect to your tresses and hold the look in place.

And that’s a wrap! Sound easy enough? Try out the sleek middle-part hair bun on yourself and we promise you’ll be impressed.

Featured Images: Instagram

21 Feb 2022

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