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Dr Chytra Shares Skin & Haircare Tips To Help Minimise Irritation Post COVID-19

Dr Chytra Shares Skin & Haircare Tips To Help Minimise Irritation Post COVID-19


Honestly, right now, just the fact that we’re able to get up and get to work is a miracle. With everything crumbling around us, it feels like it’s impossible to sit back and just take some time off. However, we’re here to tell you, that you need to go easy on yourself and let yourself feel everything that you are. If today all you did was lie in bed then that’s okay. Your body and mind are exhausted, it’s their right to recuperate.

If you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 and are quarantining at home or have recovered from it and are seeing post-COVID symptoms, this article is for you. We talked to Dr Chytra V Anand, Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist & Beauty Guru and Founder of KosmoDerma and SkinQ Beauty about how you can look after your skin and hair right now.

Patients suffering from COVID-19 are getting rashes on their skin, what are these like and what can one do about them?



“The skin is the largest organ in our body and it’s the first immune barrier in our body. When we are exposed to any viral infection like the coronavirus or even influenza or dengue, the skin gets hyper-sensitive and is triggered almost like the body telling us that there’s something wrong. This trigger causes breakouts in the skin which are tiny bumps all over called rashes”, says Dr Chytra.

She also further elaborated that these rashes can be both itchy and non-itchy in nature. They’re soft to touch and are reddish in colour. For ones that are itchy, you can take antihistamine drugs and for the non-itchy ones calamine lotion, hyaluronic acid, ceramide-based moisturisers, or aloe vera will help calm the skin.

What all skin issues could you be facing after recovering from the coronavirus?


One of the biggest skin aliments being noticed after recovering from the coronavirus is patchy dryness and dehydration. Your skin could feel extremely tight and stretched out and the reason for this is that there has been a loss of water from the body. You have to pay attention to two things here- keeping yourself hydrated by drinking enough water and protecting your skin’s barrier by topically applying a few products. 

“I recommend having one coconut water a day to take care of your electrolyte needs and two liters of water if you are up to sixty kilos and half a liter for every five kilograms after that. This will make your skin feel less dehydrated,” says Dr Chytra.

How can we tackle maskne well?



Another common skin concern that we’ve been hearing about a lot lately is maskne. This is actually acne caused by wearing constant masks. So, if you’ve noticed breakouts on the skin just underneath the mask, you’re probably suffering from it too. This is caused because of constant friction between your mask and your skin and is also caused due to high cortisol levels i.e. the stress hormone. 

Dr Chytra further elaborates saying that we should exfoliate our skin before wearing a mask. This will help unclog the pores so looking for active exfoliants like salacylic acid and glycolic acid can really help with this. If you love a good DIY, you can even use fruit enzymes like papaya, pumpkin, and pineapple to do the job. Just remember to wear non-comedogenic sunscreen the day after you use an exfoliant because your skin is extra sensitive at the time.

Apart from all these pointers, Dr Chytra also advises us to follow some self-care rituals which will not only affect our skin and hair health but also keep us going mentally. She suggests laughing as a great medicine to uplift spirits- so rewatch that sitcom you’ve watched a hundred times and giggle to yourself. Working out always boosts endorphins in the body so even spot jumping in your room while isolating may be helpful.

Another thing to keep in mind is to remember to ask for help. Call up your friend or family member and let them know that you’re not doing so well and talk about it, just verbalising the burden can help. And finally, remember to take your immunity boosters like Vitamin C, Zinc, and multi-vitamins. 

If you want a more detailed understanding of post-COVID skin and haircare, watch this:

Just remember guys, we’re all here for each other and we will get through this. We’re sending all our love to you. Stay safe! ❤️

Featured Image: Pexels

02 May 2021

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