Dermatologists Reveal Another Possible COVID-19 Symptom & It Has To Do With Your Skin

Dermatologists Reveal Another Possible COVID-19 Symptom & It Has To Do With Your Skin

Our lives revolve around Coronavirus today. It's on the news, it's on WhatsApp groups, there are even memes about it on the internet. Not just India, but many nations are also doing their best to curb this deadly, viral infection. However, they can't win the battle against COVID-19 without your support. Social distancing and maintaining hygiene standards are crucial during such a crisis. According to WHO, so far we know a few of COVID-19 symptoms that include fever, runny rose, sore throat, tiredness and difficulty in breathing. However, there's another symptom that caught us off guard today and that has to do with your skin. 

That Skin Rash Could Be A Symptom of the Coronavirus


In an interview with a popular digital magazine, US Dermatologist Sandra Lee aka Dr Pimple Popper on the 'Gram said that a handful of patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 have experienced skin rash as a symptom. She explains this in detail in her recent video. 


Most people are asymptomatic, which means that they've never experienced any other COVID-19 symptom before, just the skin rashes and have tested positive because of it. Although WHO has not confirmed the symptom yet, it's still something that's worth bringing to the attention of your dermatologist and physician.

So what kind of skin rashes are these? There are two types at the moment - Chilblains and Livedoid. 




Chilblains are basically tiny purple bumps on your toes and fingers that are painful when touched.


Dr. Randy Jacobs

Livedoid looks like a net-like coloured pattern and can be found on the thighs, arms and trunk of the body. Just like in the picture.


If you spot these rashes on your skin or know anyone who has them. First things first, maintain distance, avoid making contact, and inform your dermatologist straight away. Some patients have also mentioned that they have experienced an itchy and a burning sensation. 

A skin rash as a COVID-19 symptom is yet to be confirmed by WHO. Nevertheless, it's important to be aware and careful. Only step out for grocery shopping and medical help. Most importantly refrain from making physical contact with people. 

If you stay far away from the hospital and are showing COVID-19 symptoms, you can get yourself digitally checked by answering a few questions on the POPxo website such as the Coronavirus Symptom ScannerKaya Skin Clinic is also offering free video consultations during the day, you can call them on 1800-209-5292 for any skincare and haircare concerns you may have.

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