5 Skincare Tips To Look Your Radiant Best During Diwali

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Nov 3, 2021
5 Skincare Tips To Look Your Radiant Best During Diwali


The festive season is here, and will soon be followed by the wedding season. Isn’t the last quarter of the year always so happening? Whether it’s Diwali, Christmas, Halloween or your best friend’s wedding, we’re always on the hunt for the perfect outfits, makeup looks, bags and whatnot. But did you know of this one accessory that will match all your outfits and aesthetics? It’s healthy, glowing skin even after taking off your highlighted makeup! So if you’re looking to build the ultimate skincare routine for glowing skin this festive season, we have assembled a list of skincare tips that will help you achieve a radiant festive glow just like your favourite Bollywood divas.

Skincare Tips That Will Make You Want To Go Makeup-Free All The Time!

Chemically Exfoliate Your Way To Glowing Skin

We’ve said it a number of times, and we’ll say it again – PHYSICAL EXFOLIATORS ARE OUT! Scrubs or physical exfoliators have been proved to cause major damage to the sensitive upper layer of our facial skin, which most of the time turns irreversible. So ditch your old walnut or apricot face scrubs and replace them with chemical exfoliators. Mostly available in the form of serums, these chemical exfoliators range from slightly exfoliating like vitamin C to heavy-duty exfoliating like high concentration AHA peels with glycolic acid or lactic acid. Consult your dermatologist, and start slow. These formulas can gently exfoliate the upper layer of dead skin cells and impurities on the skin, to reveal radiant, glowy skin.

Holistic Hydration For A Glow From Within

While we love stocking up on our hydrating skincare products, there is no magical skincare that could infuse the hydration of 3 L of daily water intake into our skin. So if you’re someone who is loading their skin with intensely hydrating skincare, but unloading their daily water intake, we bet you might be wondering why your skin is still dry. Avoid this mishap and make sure to drink 2-3 L of water daily, and catch 8 hours of ZZZs per day. Not getting enough sleep also leads to water loss and hence, dehydration that could easily show up on your skin (don’t forget the dark circles and puffy eyes!).

Multi-Masking Is The New Skincare Norm

If you’re a multi-tasker, you will love this skincare hack. Multi masking is a skincare concept that understands that one skin type is allowed to have different areas of concern. For example, if you have a combination-oily skin type that tends to get oily around the T-zone, but normal on your cheeks, you shouldn’t be using a clay mask on your whole face, right? While this might help your oily areas of the skin, it can disrupt a healthy pH balance of areas that are not that oily. Enter multi-masking – grab two (or three) face masks or packs which can help the different concerns on your skin, and apply them wherever required! Yup, it is that simple.

Fancy Some Face Yoga?

Face yoga is a type of facial exercise that can help induce lymphatic drainage under the skin. Lymphatic fluids when not drained, tend to dull the skin complexion and make them appear puffy or swollen as well. You can choose to perform facial yoga with your hands, or with facial massaging tools for some extra help. Regular facial massages can help your skin look lively, radiant, and can also improve your skin tone.

Consistency Is Key

It is a common misconception that skincare routines need to be extensive in order to show prominent results. You should stick to a simple skincare routine if that’s suitable for you. Build a skincare routine that nourishes your skin type the correct way, looks after your skin concerns and protects it from environmental aggressors. The key for any type of skincare routine to work is to stay consistent. This will give enough time for your skincare to work its magic, and your skin to start showing results.

When are introducing your skincare to these glowing skin tips?

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