Take Notes Cause We’re Dishing Out Secrets For That Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Bridal Glow

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Nov 2, 2021
Take Notes Cause We’re Dishing Out Secrets For That Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Bridal Glow


Wedding party prep, outfit decisions, honeymoon planning, cake tasting, sending out invitations, picking your bridesmaids, gift registry, finalising bridal makeup artists and hairstylists… and the list of responsibilities that a bride needs to personally be a part of can go on and on and on. No matter how in advance your wedding prep has been planned for, there will always be a gazillion more decisions and ideas to take over the weeks before your wedding. All the planning and decision making will undoubtedly steal your time and sleep, but can a bride afford to let her skin reflect that? We’re taking a guess and answering for you- a hard no!

We are blessed for modern Science to gift us the joy of instant skincare, advanced facials, skin therapies and whatnot to save the day. However, a little TLC on your own never hurt a cute little bride. So whether you are someone who detests shelling out big bucks for something instantaneous and short-lived or someone who wants their bridal glow to come from within and last long, bets are that you’re looking for an at-home skincare routine that will help you achieve that radiant bridal glow that every bride dreams of.

Skincare Routine For Glowing Skin

Here is a simple skincare routine that nourishes, corrects, and protects for glowing skin that stays even when the highlighted bridal makeup comes off. Are you ready to shine bright like a Bollywood bride?

A Gentle Cleanse

Start your skincare routine with a gentle cleanse. This will help in removing all the impurities, dirt and excess oil from your skin, and will unclog your pores before you dive any further into your skincare. Use a gentle, skin brightening cleanser that will eliminate the layer of dead skin cells and revitalise your skin. Clean skin can absorb nourishing skincare formulas quickly and will show results faster.

Some Serum Skincare

Serum skincare is popular due to its quick results, as it penetrates the skin deeper and faster than any other formulation. For a glowing skincare routine, use serums with ingredients like vitamin C and niacinamide. If you have dry skin, then stick to hyaluronic acid serums, and look for retinol serums for age-defying action (consult your dermatologist for a safer skincare routine).

Chemical Exfoliants FTW

We are ditching physical exfoliants, and adopting chemical exfoliants in 2021. AHA and BHA based serums can help in removing the dull layer of dead skin cells from your skin to reveal clean, clear and fresh skin with a radiant glow. These chemical exfoliants should not be used in your daily skincare routine, but only weekly, or once every two weeks. These exfoliant serums can also help in fastening your acne and blemish recovery process. The day you’ll be using these, stick to a very basic cleanser and moisturiser skincare routine.

Moisturise, Moisturise & Moisturise

While the chemical exfoliant step might be weekly, the moisturising skincare step should be performed at least twice a day. No matter what your skin type is, moisturising is a basic and very important step to restore your skin’s moisture and nutrition.

Be Gone Spots!

The bridal glow is exempt from any dark spot or acne scars as well. Pick a suitable spot corrector, and apply it nightly to your acne scars, blemishes or dark spots. While using this product, make sure to moisturize your skin around these areas, and then go on to use a spot correcting cream or lotion.

Only Shopping Bags Allowed

You read that right, we only allow shopping bags to this bridal party! What we mean is that no eye bags are allowed. Invest in a nourishing and hydrating under eye cream that can help in keeping your delicate under-eye skin moisturised and cared for at all times.

The Bi-Weekly Masking

You can add a sleeping mask or sheet mask to this skincare routine once or twice a week to add some extra care. Select your sleeping mask or sheet mask according to your skin type and concern. Go for a hydrating one for the dry skin type, a brightening one for dull skin, and so on.

Add this skincare routine to 2-3 L of water, and 8 hours of sleep, and you’ll have the best bridal glow you’ve ever seen!

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