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4 Easy Steps To Power Up Your Pregnancy Skincare Routine

4 Easy Steps To Power Up Your Pregnancy Skincare Routine

Pregnancy can bring along many beauty concerns, thanks to all the hormones creating a ruckus inside your body. You may experience a number of skin changes during this time, from constant hormonal acne and excessive dryness to melasma (brown patchy discolouration) and dull spots. These skin changes may even make you think, “Is pregnancy glow real?” Well, here’s the thing, pregnancy glow doesn’t happen to everyone, and the only thing close to pregnancy glow you may achieve is a greasy complexion, due to the imbalance in your skin’s oil production. 

While having great skin during pregnancy may seem like a hard-to-achieve goal, the truth is that a power-packed skincare routine may help transform your skin for the better and enhance your glow and radiance. In fact, your focus should be on taking a more tailored approach to your skincare and finding the right, pregnancy-safe products that suit your skin type. For this, you need to start by understanding your skin, learning how to care for and protect it, and following the right skincare steps that fulfil its requirements. 


So how can you set up an effective skincare routine and power up your skincare game with daily skincare steps? Let’s find out.

Four Main Skincare Steps

Your main aim should be to balance your skin tone during this time and target the concerns that you are experiencing, such as acne, pigmentation, or dull spots. For this, you need to follow four main skincare steps in your daily beauty routine. 


Start With A Cleanser

daily skincare steps
Your skincare routine should have an effective set of skincare steps that help rejuvenate and nourish your skin

First things first, cleansing always takes precedence. You may insist on going without a cleanser in the morning, giving the reasoning, “I wash my face at night,” but this is one of the biggest skincare mistakes that can make your complexion more greasy and dull-looking. Hence, cleansing is an essential skincare step, that you absolutely cannot miss!

In fact, you gain a lot from cleansing your face in the morning. It helps remove excess dirt and oil that may have settled in your pores overnight and helps your morning skincare products absorb better on your skin so that they can work their wonders efficiently. 


Tone Your Skin

After cleansing, your skin will be fresh, clean, and smooth. That’s when you should reach for a toner, which provides a thin veil of hydration to your skin, and should always precede your serum. Additionally, toners calm your skin and provide an extra layer of moisturisation to prep your skin for makeup. Also, this product works golden for people with acne/oily-prone skin, as it is specially formulated to remove oil, sebum, and dirt from the pores. It also helps freshen up your skin and gives your complexion an instant boost of hydration anytime during the day.

Treat Your Skin With A Serum

Next is serum—another non-negotiable daily skincare step. A serum is designed with molecular ingredients that penetrate deep within the skin layers and target specific skin concerns such as dull spots, hyperpigmentation, and even acne. Your serum should be a potent blend of good-for-skin ingredients that provide hydration and skin-saving properties as their primary benefits. 


Using a vitamin C serum will be a good choice during this time, as it provides anti-ageing and skin-protecting antioxidants. Vitamin C is also renowned for its skin-refining magic and helps inhibit the production of melasma in the skin to reduce dull spots and hyperpigmentation. Additionally, it helps smooth the skin texture and treats and prevents acne-causing bacteria. 

End With A Moisturiser

skincare steps
A good moisturiser is key to safeguarding your skin against free radical damage and plumping and hydrating your skin

After serum, apply a moisturiser to keep your skin balanced, plump, and hydrated. If you have dry skin, reach for a thick moisturising cream, and for those with oily skin, try an oil-free and lightweight face cream to nourish and hydrate your skin. 


After moisturising, you may head forward to other daily skincare steps such as applying eye cream and SPF for sun coverage. Use an eye cream that moisturises your delicate under-eye area and keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Opt for skin-loving ingredients that support your skin’s natural collagen production and lighten the look of dark circles under your eyes.

Also, sunscreen is a must in your well-ordered skincare routine. This is because, during pregnancy, your skin may show increased sensitivity to the sun rays and cause flare-ups of certain skin conditions like hyperpigmentation, melasma, and acne. So to block the sun rays from absorbing into your skin, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays.


Why Should You Apply The Skincare Products In The Right Order?

By now you might have noticed that there is a specific order of skincare steps followed in every skincare routine. If you are curious to know why that happens, we have got some tea to spill. So the thing is that if you do not layer your skincare products in proper order, they may not work as efficiently, as you want them to. Imagine splurging on an expensive serum, and noticing no visible changes in your skin, just because you do not follow the right order to layer it. 

The order that which you apply your skincare makes a significant and real difference to your skin. If you are not following a specific order, you are just compromising on the overall efficacy of your beauty routine. Hence, you should pay special attention to the order of your skincare products, and as a rule of thumb, layer them from the thinnest to the thickest consistency. 


Recommended Products For The Four Skincare Steps

daily skincare steps
Use pregnancy-safe skincare products to cleanse, tone, treat, and moisturise your skin

If you are looking for pregnancy-safe, and effective skincare products that suit your skin type and fall perfectly in conjunction with the previously mentioned four daily skincare steps, we got you. We have listed some potent skincare products from the natural vitamin C range of The Moms Co. that you need to add to your beauty routine STAT.

The Moms Co. Natural Vitamin C Face Wash

Start your skincare routine with the natural vitamin C face wash to remove dirt, oil, and grime from your skin pores. Besides vitamin C, this face wash combines other antioxidants like orange peels, willow herb, and pro-vitamin B5 that gently exfoliate your skin, and deliver a noticeable improvement in the evenness, texture, and elasticity of your skin. 


The Moms Co. Natural Vitamin C Daily Face Toner

The natural vitamin C daily face toner contains radiance-boosting properties and helps give an oil-free look by balancing the sebum production in the skin. It contains a power-packed combination of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients like niacinamide, green tea, aloe vera, and plant-based AHAs that reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, smooth and hydrate the skin, and eliminate excess shine with its alcohol-free formulation. 

The Moms Co. Natural 10% Vitamin C Face Serum

You really can’t go wrong with this natural 10% vitamin C face serum! This serum contains a hefty dose of glow-boosting L-ascorbic acid (86% to be exact), which is also the pure form of vitamin C. Additionally, the serum contains ferulic acid, which increases the potency of vitamin C and replenishes the skin barrier to make it appear soft, hydrated, and plump.


The Moms Co. Natural Vitamin C Face Cream

If you are dealing with dull spots or discolouration, you have to give this moisturiser a try. The natural face cream is chock-full of hydrating and radiance-boosting ingredients like vitamin C, ferulic acid, squalane, and willow herb that safeguard the skin against free radical damage, reduce dull spots and dicolouration, and also impart a healthy, and nourished glow.

The Moms Co. Natural Vitamin C Oil-free Moisturiser

For those with oily skin, don’t worry, as we have got you covered with the apt skincare product to add to your routine. Use this oil-free natural moisturiser combined with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, squalane, niacinamide, aloe vera, and green tea to balance the oil production in your skin, and hydrate your skin just the right amount, without making it too greasy. This oil-free moisturiser also helps boost dull complexions and evens out rough skin texture.


Putting together a skincare regimen and following the right skincare steps might be difficult. But if you follow the steps that we have mentioned, you will see visible results on your skin in no time. Plus, #WhyCompromomise on your skin, when you can use the p[regnancy-safe products from The Moms Co, to get the most potent results on your skin? 

Try the natural vitamin C range from The Moms Co. today to get a nourished and healthy glow.


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