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Skin-fluencers Are Obsessed With Slugging & It’s The Trend To Try During Sweater Weather

Skin-fluencers Are Obsessed With Slugging & It’s The Trend To Try During Sweater Weather

From hydrocolloid bandages becoming zit treatments to using frozen moisturiser, Instagram has become the top destination for discovering strange skincare trends. While the social media app might not be the birthplace of some of these beauty hacks, it’s become a platform where they can truly flourish. Case in point: skincare slugging.

You’ve probably heard of slugging before, especially now that the oddly-named trend has reached massive popularity, thanks to skin-fluencers touting it as a fairly easy way to lock moisture into the skin. But if not heard about it, here’s a quick gist: “Slugging, which comes from the K-beauty world and then took over social media, involves putting a thin layer of vaseline on your face to prevent water loss. And if that little explanation just opened up more questions than it answered – DW as we’ve got you everything you need to know about slugging, below. 

What Is Skincare Slugging Exactly?


Skincare slugging is the process of covering the skin (of the face usually) with an occlusive product such as Vaseline or a very heavy cream-based moisturiser and keeping it on overnight. The hack might be especially relevant for folks with dry skin as it intends to keep the moisture in the skin by preventing transdermal water loss. While the term ‘skincare slugging’ has only been in the beauty sphere for a few years. However, the concept of using vaseline isn’t new. After all, Vaseline is an old-school product that can be found in every store. Fact: Marilyn Monroe swore by it to keep her skin soft and glow. 

Ready to find out the do’s and don’ts of skin slugging and whether it’s something you should give a try? Scroll on to know the dos and don’ts of slugging.


The Dos And Don’ts Of Skincare Slugging

Do: Opt For A Petrolatum-Based Product

One of the best and widely-available products for slugging is Vaseline. You can also opt for CeraVe Healing Ointment. 

Do: Give It A Try If You’ve Dry, Irritated Skin

Slugging prevents transepidermal water loss so the skin stays plump and hydrated. Plus, the skin barrier is protected and allowed to repair itself in the process. 

Do: Keep You Favourite Face Serums And/Or Creams On Hand

It’s best to apply your face serum and moisturiser before you go ahead with the slugging process. The products will get sealed into your skin nicely thanks to Vaseline or any other product that you choose to use. 

Do: Look For Occlusive Product That Best Suits Your Skin Type

The next best product for skin slugging is CeraVe Healing Ointment. Why? Because, in addition to petrolatum it contains three essential ceramides which aid in restoring the skin barrier, hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and it’s also lanolin-free. You can use it for slugging without needing to apply a separate moisturiser first. 


Don’t: Slug Your Whole Face If You’ve Got Combination Skin

Instead, you can try slugging small areas that are prone to dryness. PS.: These lip therapy containers are great for spot-treating dry areas. 

Don’t: Try Slugging If Your Have Oily Or Acneic Skin

Occluding the pores might lead to more clogged pores and oil build-up which means worsening acne. Stick to lightweight, non-comedogenic options instead. 

Don’t: Apply Retinol Based Products Or Acids While Slugging

Avoid using retinol and acids while slugging as it increases the risk for irritation. Stick to your less active serums and moisturisers instead. 

Ready to try this K-beauty hack?


Featured Image: Pexels

09 Nov 2021

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