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5 Skincare Secrets Beauty Insiders Don’t Want You To Know

5 Skincare Secrets Beauty Insiders Don’t Want You To Know

If you google skincare hacks and tips, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Hundreds of articles on the internet claiming that they have the solutions and secrets to flawless skin. However, when you click on them, most of the points are repetitive, generic and pretty basic. We know you were hoping for something out the box and that’s exactly what’s in store for you today! Skincare secrets that will not only help you understand your skin better but also teach you how to take good care of it too. 

5 Skincare Secrets Only Insiders Know & It’s About Time You Do Too

Grab a pen and notebook, will you?

1. Hydration Is The Key

Oily, sensitive, dry, combination – hydration is essential for all skin types. Whether it’s drinking water or using products which have hyaluronic acid in them, you must quench your skin’s thirst and protect it from inflammation, flakiness and acne. In fact, almost every skincare product today revolves around hydration. They either contribute to boosting hydration or trapping it in the skin. When skin is moist and hydrated, you’ll notice that there’s a big change in its texture. It feels plump, soft and supple!

2. Every Skin Type Is Different


Sorry to burst your bubble, but not any product from the shelf will work for your skin. You have to pay attention to your skin type and shop for products that suit its needs. Let’s say if you have super dry skin, you’ll have to shop for products that contain heavy and nourishing oils such as olive oil and jojoba oil or products that have creamier consistencies. If your skin is sensitive, then you must stay away from products that contain fragrance, parabens, microbeads, alcohol as they could irritate the skin and lead to breakouts. 

3. Stay Loyal To Products

For beauty mavens, walking into a beauty store makes us feel like a kid in a candy store! Cutesy, bright product packaging everywhere! With new launches happening every month, it’s difficult to stay loyal to a particular brand (Even though it has a product which understands your skin perfectly) While it’s great to try new products, not every product will agree with your skin. You might experience rashes, breakouts and in worst-case scenarios, even inflammations. Hence, if you find your golden products, hold on to them tight and never trade them for the world!

4. Products Absorb Better On Damp Skin


When your skin is damp and exfoliated to perfection, it’s going to relish the serum and moisturiser. Since damp skin is more permeable than dry skin, it’s going to absorb the product quicker and better. 

5. Skincare Is Personal

In 2020, we hear products that are vegan, organic, natural and clean. While all that is fine, you don’t have to be pressurised to shell out your bucks and give in to any brand philosophy or skincare trend. Let your choices not be influenced by bloggers or brands, but by experience. 

Now that we’ve let you into our secret society, we hope you make good shopping decisions. 

Images: Pexels

17 Jun 2020

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