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Skincare Products Under Rs 500 That Can Give High-End Ones A Run For Their Money

Skincare Products Under Rs 500 That Can Give High-End Ones A Run For Their Money


Last month, I gave in to the temptation of buying an uber-expensive luxury anti-aging cream in the hopes of seeing that investment turn into beautiful, glass skin for me. After 3 weeks of forcing that cream to work for my skin, now it sits on my dresser. Its new job description is to add aesthetic value to my skincare stash, and nothing else. I do not have the heart to trash it after shelling out big bucks on it. Be honest, would you? 

There’s nothing that breaks my heart more than a beauty buy that didn’t work out. Especially if it was expensive. Since this incident, I had set out my heart on finding the best skincare that the category ‘low to high’ had to offer, and here we are. 


Pocket Friendly Skincare Buys That Actually Work


The terms ‘pocket-friendly’ and ‘affordable’ tend to strike a red light in the brain for reasons too many. How many times have we seen our friends getting bad reactions to cheap perfumes and watery body lotions? Far too many to trust the sham of exaggerated skincare benefits and claims. Today, we will look at 6 tried and tested budget buys that actually work and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

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Cleanse With Ease (On Skin And On Your Pocket)


A new best-seller, Wipeout facial cleanser is the talk of the town. Easy on your budget, this little baby gets the job done, and how. Infused with aloe vera, cucumber, and tea tree oil, it kills 99% of the germs and helps prohibit the formation of acne breakouts. Free of parabens and SLS, this lightweight cleanser is perfect for all skin types.

You’ll Be Sorry You ‘Mist’ This Buy


Otherwise a luxe brand, Forest Essential features this refreshing tonic mist for when you need a boost of freshness. This little spray can be used on cleansed skin before applying makeup, or skincare, or even randomly in the middle of a dull day. It helps your skin feel woken up and revived. A must-buy in my eyes. 

Hydration Packed In A Mini


In the deep sea of expensive water gels for plump skin, here is a budget-friendly cutie for you. Delivering similar results compared to expensive versions of gel hydration boosters for, the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel has gained much popularity. 

TLC For Your Eyes (And Your Wallet)


It might not seem like it, but finding a good eye cream that is also not expensive, is a tough job. But we got that out of the way for our dear best friends. This under eye cream by Pilgrim is another no nasties favourite that is free of parabens, sulfate, and toxic chemicals. It is cruelty-free and vegan. It is powered by the goodness of brightening ingredients like vitamin C, and anti-ageing actives like retinol. 

Protection From The Sun And Inflated Prices

One of my proud finds that tops my recent favourites, this physical sunscreen is an amazing buy for all skin types. It does not leave a greasy finish or a white cast on your skin. Its lightweight formula makes wearing sunscreen all-day fun and stress-free. 

On A Budget But Always On Trend


This little bottle of water textured essence has won hearts, and mine is one of them. Enriched with brightening salicylic acid, this micro-essence nourishes your skin helps you achieve a crystal clear complexion. It leaves your skin lightly moisturized without feeling heavy on the skin. 

Invest in these budget-friendly beauty buys and save money when you are not tempted to make your bank account suffer in the name of healthy skin. Have fun finding new affordable gems!

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13 Jul 2021

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