Holi Ke Rang? 10 Skin And Hair Care Tips You Should Know Before You Run Out To Play Holi

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Mar 5, 2020
Holi Ke Rang? 10 Skin And Hair Care Tips You Should Know Before You Run Out To Play Holi


With less than a day left for Holi, I hope you have your water balloons, bhang, snacks and organic colours ready for the party! While the festival calls for a celebration, it’s always better to be super cautious as you now know that we now have an unwanted guest among us called ‘COVID-19‘. While you should do your best to keep your hands and body clean, you must take beauty measures to ensure the same too. 

Skin And Hair Care Tips You Should Know Before You Celebrate Holi

Grab a pen and notebook, will you?

1. Befriend The Lip Balm

Your lips are prone to sun and colour damage during Holi, hence it’s important to look after them. Apply a lip balm that contains SPF so that your pout stays moist, supple and protected all day long. 

2. Avoid Any Hair Removal Method

Stay away from waxing, shaving or threading on Holi. To avoid dealing with cuts and skin abrasions, don’t try any hair removal method two or four days before Holi. If the colour does happen to get into the wound it could cause a nasty skin infection.

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3. Colour Your Nails A Dark Shade


To prevent the colour from staining your pretty nails, apply petroleum jelly on all of ’em. You can also paint your nails a darker colour so that the stains do not become obvious. 

4. Drink Lots of Water

No matter what you do, always make it a point to stay hydrated. Drink a glass of water every half an hour to prevent you from getting dehydrated or suffering from a sunstroke.

5. Sunscreen First!

No matter what you do, apply sunscreen to your skin 30 minutes before stepping out from your home. This product will not only protect you from the sun but also prevent the colour pigments from getting clogged into your pores. Since you’re going to be exposed to water and sunlight during the day, choose an SPF that’s gel-based and waterproof. 

6. Get Drenched In Oil


You need two oils by your side this Holi – coconut and mustard oil. To ensure that the colour does not stick to your hair and skin, generously coat your body with coconut oil and locks with mustard oil. This helps the colour to come off easily post celebration.

7. When Life Gives You Lemons

After washing your face, rub a slice of lemon on your skin. Since lemons have bleaching properties in them, it does an amazing job at removing colour stains from the face.

8. Don’t Forget To Moisturise

Your skin would have gone through a lot during the day and its texture could become rough due to its encounter with colours.  Which is why you must moisturise your skin soon after you step out of the shower. This will keep your skin smooth, soft and supple. 

9. Always Use Organic Colours


Organic colours may be a tad bit more expensive than regular ones, but they’re so much gentler on the skin. They’re chemical-free, easy to wash off and rarely cause any unpleasant reactions on the skin. 

10. Exfoliate & Repeat

Holi is the perfect time to use a body scrub! A body scrub will not only remove dead skin cells but also the colour stains as well. Don’t forget to moisturize after exfoliation sess. 

Have a happy and safe, Holi y’all. 

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