Bring The Sun Down: Our Picks Of The *Best* Sunscreens For EVERY Budget!

Bring The Sun Down: Our Picks Of The *Best* Sunscreens For EVERY Budget!

Is the price of that *dermatologist recommended sunscreen* stopping you from protecting yourself from the sun? Don't worry we have all been there. While the dermatologist recommended products are great and there's no doubt about that, not all of us can afford to or WANT to spend Rs. 1,500 on a tiny tube of sunscreen. We have heard all sorts of rumours about sunscreen, while some of them may hold true these are the sunscreen myths you should ignore. While purchasing a sunscreen, know what you want from it. NOT all sunscreens are formulated the same way. Here's a list of 4 affordable sunscreens that are perfect for *every* budget bracket.

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Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Uv Screen Matte Gel Pa+++ SPF - 50 (Rs 236)

Absolute value for money; this gel-based sunscreen will help protect your skin from tanning, sunburn, premature ageing. Perfect gel-based sunscreen for oily skin this one is ideal if you are looking for an affordable sunscreen that won't make you feel sticky and sweaty in summer. It's also perfect for you if you have sensitive skin, it won't aggravate any of those skin woes. 


Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ (Rs 467)

This is the ideal sunscreen to use daily if you are exposed to the harsh sun at all times. This would also be perfect to carry with you on vacation. It's not a matte finish sunscreen so if you have extremely oily skin, you probably won't like this. It won't make you feel greasy but it will leave your skin feeling a little tacky. You can set it with some powder or dab off the excess with some tissue paper to take off any excess oil. I've used this on 10-day long summer vacations and come back without a tan - that's how efficient this one is. Just be diligent with reapplication. 

L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence SPF 50 (Rs 500)

If you hate the texture of sunscreen in general and don't like slathering on thick goopy stuff before stepping out in the sun, you should consider a water-based product. This is one of those splurge-worthy sunscreens. It has a thin watery consistency so you will hardly feel it on your skin. It absorbs into your skin instantly giving you long lasting protection from the sun. 


Avene Very High Protection Sunscreen Emulsion SPF 50+ (Rs 1,230)

If you're looking for a sunscreen that's going to keep you protected come rain or shine, get this one. It's ideal if you plan to take a dip into the ocean too. Just make sure you reapply every 2 hours. The formula is labelled as very water resistant, which makes this a great splurge-worthy choice to take with you to the pool. 

Now that we've found you a sunscreen for your budget, stop making excuses and make sure you protect your skin from the sun! This is non-negotiable!