#SingleGirlProblems: 17 Liz Lemon GIFs That Sum Up Our Sex Lives

Pradipta SarkarPradipta Sarkar  |  May 6, 2016


Let’s admit it: one of the most annoying things about being single is the absence of regular sex. No matter how comfortable we are with our relationship status, getting no action is super-irritating. That’s why we turn to one of our fave TV ladies – here are 17 awesome Liz Lemon GIFs that sum up our sex lives. #SingleGirlProblems

When you realize that everyone around you is getting more action than you are.

liz lemon gifs 1

Then you get propositioned by some random dude that you’re really not into. In fact, he’s positively icky.

liz lemon

And you wonder if you’ve begun to grow cobwebs down there…

liz lemon gifs 16

Then you remember that, hey, you DO have some options!

liz lemon

But then you have to wait for him to respond to your booty-call message…

liz lemon gifs 4

And when he finally says yes!

liz lemon

You tell your (partnered-up) bestie about this, and she’s like: “Are you sure this is safe?” – making you question your decision.

liz lemon gifs 6

Dammit, you’re still going to do this!

liz lemon

And then your boss/ prof gives you extra work

liz lemon gifs 8

But you manage to wrangle your way out of it!

liz lemon

Finally, it’s TIME.

liz lemon gifs 10

The clothes start coming off

liz lemon

And he’s pretty damn fine

liz lemon gifs 11

You get down to serious business

liz lemon


liz lemon gifs 14

And then you head home, doing the walk of shame, head held high.

liz lemon

Finally, you acknowledge the fact that despite how hard it was to set it up, it was pretty damn awesome. 

liz lemon gifs 15

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