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Friends Weren’t Invited: Singer Monali Thakur Reveals Her Secret Marriage Of 3 Years

Friends Weren’t Invited: Singer Monali Thakur Reveals Her Secret Marriage Of 3 Years

What have you been doing during the lockdown? Cooking, working from home, Netflix all day, TikTok all day…you get the drift. Right? What have bloggers and influencers been doing? Making relatable videos as they sit at home. And what have celebrities been doing? Pretty much all of that unless the celeb in question is Monali Thakur. The singer of superhit songs like Moh Moh Ke Dhaage, Sawaar Loon, and Zara Zara Touch Me, to name a few, released a new single, titled Dil Ka Fitoor, two days ago. Oh, and also revealed that the handsome guy in the video acting alongside her is who she has been secretly married to for three years! Didn’t see that coming, did ya?

Monali and Maik Richter, a Switzerland-based restauranteur, tied the knot in 2017. “I met Maik during my trip to Switzerland and we clicked instantly. Not just him, I made a connection with his family, too. Maik proposed to me at the exact spot where we had met for the first time, under a tree, on a freezing Christmas Eve 2016. My reply was an instant yes,” revealed Monali talking about her romantic proposal. Isn’t that the dream? We can imagine them–Maik kneeling on his knee, asking Monali to marry her in front of a picturesque Swiss background. WOW!

Monali kept her marriage a secret as they did not have a conventional wedding. In an interview with TOI, the singer said, “The news of my marriage will come as a shock to many as none of my industry friends were aware or invited. We kept delaying the ceremony and announcement and three years just passed by.” Furthermore, she admitted that “Mujhe pata hai bahot gaali padne wali hai logon se…adding “but I think when we have our wedding ceremony and invite people for the celebrations, they won’t be upset anymore” indicating that the couple is planning to have a proper wedding soon. But looks like it won’t be a lockdown wedding as they are still figuring out a date and waiting for things to get back to normal before finalising everything.

Check out these pictures of the duo posted by Maik on his Instagram and do stare at that timeline that’s been in front of us all along.

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Currently, Monali and Maik are quarantining together in Switzerland with his family. Oh, we can’t wait to hear more about #Monaik! It’s such a shocking surprise, isn’t it? Man, how people can keep secrets. And before you jump to YouTube to search for the new song and check out her husband of three years (IKR!), here you go! You’re welcome.

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11 Jun 2020

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