Monali Thakur Is All Set To Go Global With Her First International Collab

Monali Thakur Is All Set To Go Global With Her First International Collab

It is a blessing to be born with a good voice. But, you know what they say - nothing worth having comes easy. You always have to work for it! Our country is blessed with great singers and musicians and one such renowned name in the business is Monali Thakur.

This National Award winner is celebrating her 32nd birthday today and on the occasion of that, and her appearance on one of the most popular Colors Infinity show - The Stage, I thought of talking about a little time I spent chatting with her.

 Monali thakur inside

I caught her at an opportune moment to chat about her appearance on the show which airs tomorrow evening at 8 pm. She is thrilled to be on the show and thinks that it is very different from the other reality TV shows because the singers are not only confined to Bollywood music but actual global singles from popular shows and movies!

We also did a little rapid fire with her where we asked her a couple of questions and found out that she just did an international collaboration on one of the most popular songs by Imagine Dragons, the band. She also left a special message for all her fans saying - “Wish you all the happiness because that’s the most important thing in life. Stay safe and enjoy good music and be good to everyone, especially animals”.

We just can’t wait for her new collab and wish her all the success in the world.

Happy Birthday, you!

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