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Simple & Stunning: 3 Ways To Embrace Minimalism

Karishma RajaniKarishma Rajani  |  May 6, 2016


Can a bare, stripped down piece of clothing, sans embellishment, be truly chic? Karishma Rajani of Purple Peeptoes takes on the challenge.

Every season we are introduced to an array of news trends – those in line with our sense of style are lovingly adopted, while others are either shrugged off or admired from afar. Of the many trends I came across in the past few seasons, I was quick to judge minimalism as a mere fad. Having grown up in an Indian household, the idea of OTT is ingrained in my DNA. The idea of anything, let alone a piece of garment, sans the frills and adornments in unimaginable. I could not fathom why designers would send bare, stripped down versions of their creations down the runway.

Months later, I dismiss all the prints and embellishments in my wardrobe, in search of a sombre, more minimalistic piece of clothing. Somewhere along the line, in search of substance, I fell in love with the idea of simplicity – the idea that basics can be truly beautiful.

Without further ado, I’m going to introduce you to three looks from the Purple Peeptoes laboratory, laced with a hint of rebellion.

Striped To Perfection


#White #Monochrome #Lines #Geometry #Minimal #Understated #Zara #Fashion #Chic = Minimal Magic!

Vertical Stripes Dress & White Clutch: Zara, Shoes: Thrifted from Hill Road, Mumbai

 Picture courtesy: Drishti Das

White and Wary


In the midst of all the excesses, all the opulence, can you go back to a simplistic, more organic way of existence? On the path of Zen, I ask myself this question every single day. I’m taking a small step towards a minimal state of being starting with my sartorial choices – a harmonious combination of black and white stripped off ostentatious ornamentation.

Slip Dress: Topshop (Kalappi), Sheer Skirt: Closet Label, Knuckle rings: Aldo Accessories, Sliders: Zara, Sling Bag: H&M, Cat eye Glasses: SFX Eyewear

Picture courtesy: Suraj Uchil/ The Uchil Clicks

The Black Track


I truly believe that style is a reflection of our innermost personalities, influenced, of course, but what is happening in the sartorial world. Fashion, on the hand, is a mirror of what is happening outside of us. Simply put, style is a personal interpretation of a trend that appeals the most to us. It is no wonder that I have been under the spell of minimalism lately – an allure expounded by my insatiable attraction to the Zen philosophy and its subsequent manifestation in various aspects of my life. Fashionably speaking, zen is the artistic juxtaposition of simple, basic silhouettes to create harmonious ensembles.
Black crop top: Zara, Black Skirt: Tailor-made, Wedge booties: Forever 21, Bag: Closet Label

Picture courtesy: Suraj Uchil/ The Uchil Clicks

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