8 Signs Your Relationship Might Be Making You A Better Person!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 11, 2016
8 Signs Your Relationship Might Be Making You A Better Person!

Every person who walks into your life, alters you slightly. But no one has a greater impression on you than your partner does – and this one person can liberate you and leave you happier than ever before. Here are 8 signs your relationship has made you a better person:

1. His deep, unfaltering faith in you has helped you embrace yourself…

And now that you believe in yourself, there’s no space left for doubt or fear to creep in. Since then, you feel there is nothing you can’t conquer.

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2. His devotion to you has helped you live for others, and not just yourself…

And now you realise how selfish it is to close yourself to the universe, and live only for yourself.

3. He has helped you realise how important it is to do your own thing, and keep yourself happy, even in a relationship with another…

And now you know that you can’t keep another happy, till you are happy with yourself – and compromising your own happiness for another’s will hardly leave either of you happy for long.

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4. His vulnerability has helped you express your own emotions, unashamed…

And now you don’t try to control your emotions. Instead you express whatever you feel and what the other needs to hear to soothe down.

5. His company has helped you discover so many new things about your own…

And now you are aware of the many dimensions of your own self, of the things that fascinate you, excite you and help you come alive – and this is what helps you grow.

better person

6. His confidence has helped you dream bigger, dream more…

And now you don’t back down from any little or huge challenge that life may present you with.

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7. His love has helped you become a better friend, a better boss, a better sister and a better daughter…

And now you feel this unconditional love flowing into all other relationships of your life too.

better person

8. His presence has helped you be at peace with yourself and the world…

And now you feel fulfilled, and satisfied. Even when things go wrong, he is the moor, at the end of each day, who will bring you back to the shore and once again set your priorities straight.

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