7 Signs You Don’t Miss Him, You Miss The *Idea* Of Him!

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016
7 Signs You Don’t Miss Him, You Miss The *Idea* Of Him!


It’s normal to feel sad or hurt after a breakup. But as time passes and things begin to go back to normal again, do you still miss him? There is a chance you do, but there is also a chance that you miss the idea of him. There is a difference between missing being in a relationship and the person you were in a relationship with. Between missing the companion or just companionship. This is difference a lot of us take time to understand. Here are 7 signs you don’t miss him, you miss the idea of him!

1. You only really think of him when you’re alone

Not when you’re at work or college, not when you’re out with friends or family. You think of him and start to miss his company only when you happen to be by yourself! When you’re sitting by yourself in your room, or can’t think of anyone to go for that movie with. And that happens to go away soon after, when you’re engrossed in your favourite TV show.

you think you miss him

2. You miss going on nice dinner dates, but not really with him

Again you think you’re missing him when you’re actually just missing going out for a nice dinner with someone! Hit one of your girlfriend’s up and make a night of it. Or if you miss actually going on dates, why not try and put yourself out there and see what comes your way? 🙂

3. You only really start to miss his presence when you see your couple friends be all coochy-coo with each other

That’s perfectly normal! If you’re newly single, it’s normal for you to feel slightly envious of all those couples who seem so much in love still. However, you need to know the difference between missing being in a relationship and missing the person you were with.

you think you miss him

4. You start to think of him more and more only deep into the night

When you can’t get sleep and begin to feel lonely! But in all honesty, you haven’t thought of him all day. So why let that thought drive you crazy now? You’re just missing the idea of having someone to talk to when you can’t fall asleep. Not him necessarily.

5. You miss him when the weekend rolls around and you don’t have any plans because all your friends are busy

Again, missing him is based on your desire to do something over the weekend and having no one do it with it. Alone time is precious. Make use of this time to discover yourself. Do things by yourself and see the world from a whole new perspective!

you think you miss him

6. You constantly fought with him when you were together, but you tell yourself now that it was all good

Sure, we all like having someone special in our lives, but just because you’re by yourself or single doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your life. Stop discounting the things that went wrong in your relationship! You will find someone you are truly meant to be with in due time.

7. You miss the sex, but not necessarily having sex with him

Yes, you miss being physically intimate with someone and that is completely natural. But don’t mistake your physical needs or wants as missing him! You might miss the sex, but that does not mean you miss him! It simply means that you, just like most of us women, have needs and desires too!

you think you miss him

Let it go. The future has better things in store for you. 🙂

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