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8 Signs That You Are In A One-Sided Relationship

8 Signs That You Are In A One-Sided Relationship

Ladies, let’s be honest: being in love is tricky. And it’s not unusual to find yourself in a situation that you don’t understand. After all, love does different things to different people, and unfortunately it’s not always magical! You may be head over heels in love with someone, but it’s a more than a little awkward if you’re feeling all these things for someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you. So, to help you out, we bring you 8 signs you might be in a one-sided relationship!


1. You’re almost always the first one to make the plan.

Whether it’s going to the movies, dinner or just a casual hanging out thing, you’re always the one suggesting that the two of you do something together. This wasn’t the case when you were in your ‘dating’ phase, but now that you’re in a relationship, there’s almost no enthusiasm from his side anymore!

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2. He goes “incommunicado” on you more often than you like.

Okay, to be perfectly honest, you hate this even when it happens for a single day. But there is a point when it becomes totally unacceptable. Yes, in our busy schedules it’s possible to miss a call or forget to reply to a text, but making it a daily habit? Uh-oh girl, it’s time you did something – talk it out we say!

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3. There are repeated last-minute cancellations.

You’ve made dinner reservations at his favorite restaurant and are excited to finally spend some quality time with your man. But guess what, he bails on you at the last minute. Of course, he could have a genuine reason, but if he’s making a habit of it, and you’re stuck waiting for him at the restaurant, it’s time to accept that he has other priorities.

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4. You’re always the one to bring up issues in your relationship.

There’s clearly an issue and you want to work it out. You’ve been fighting a lot lately, but instead of discussing the problem, there’s an eye roll every time you try and bring it up. Give up, girl, give up.

5. You’re also always the first one to apologize!

Whether or not you believe you’re wrong, or worse, you believe with all your heart that your partner is wrong, you will apologize or make the first attempt at sorting things out. Yes, you want to sort things out and be the bigger person, but in the long run, it may not help.

6. You’ve felt like you’re being “avoided” more than a few times.

You see a hot-and-cold behavioral pattern. And the list of excuses used to avoid confrontations seems endless. Plus, there’s always a super-convenient explanation when you do catch him for why he hadn’t been in touch!

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7. He makes exceptions for his friends but not for you!

He’s not into movies, but he somehow ends up watching the movies you want to watch with him, with his friends instead. He says he wants a quiet weekend, but he ends up going out when his friends convince him to, even though you’d asked him the same question earlier. If you constantly feel like he makes an exception for everyone else and just takes you for granted, there is definitely something wrong.

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8. You’re beginning to stress about things you shouldn’t even be thinking about!

You’re always worried about the relationship being out of balance, you wanting it more than them, or constantly thinking that they’d rather be somewhere else or with someone else when you’re out together. Over analyzing everything isn’t the best thing to do in a relationship, but if someone makes you feel THAT uneasy and insecure, perhaps it’s time to move on …

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06 May 2016

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