8 Signs It’s Time To Go Lingerie Shopping – Seriously!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
8 Signs It’s Time To Go Lingerie Shopping – Seriously!


Every woman shares an “intimate” relationship with her lingerie – and for good reason! What’s not to love about those pretty-looking, soft things that do all the work inside to make us appear seamless and flawless outside! However – hard as they may be to let go – our old faves must sometimes be discarded to make room for our new lingerie besties! Here are 8 signs that are telling you to go lingerie shopping – NOW!

1. You have changed!

The lingerie you wear is practically your second skin and NEEDS to be changed with every change that happens in your body. If you’ve considerably lost or put on weight, your old lingerie too will fall loose or feel uncomfortably tight – and when it stops adapting itself snugly to your body shape, it’s time to buy yourself some new ones!

2. You wouldn’t want anyone else to look at it

We know how many trials and errors we go through to zero down on any lingerie that fits and feels great. And so we often hang on to it, even if it’s started fraying and has become discoloured. Ladies, think for a minute – would you be embarrassed if anyone chances a look at your underwear drawer? If yes, it’s time you got yourself some new lingerie to feel fabulous in and about!

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3. You are wearing functional lingerie too often

We know that for everyday use functional, fluffless lingerie is our quintessential go-to. But, girls, lingerie is as much about feeling pretty inside as it is about giving us coverage. So if you’ve been only wearing those boring underpants and black and nude bras for a while, go on a cute-lingerie spree. (It’ll be a surprise he’ll love too!)

4. Or your cupboard’s stuffed with just the lacy ones

Nothing gets us in the mood like donning a sexy sex – BUT all that lace and satin is not meant to be worn too often. Nothing comforts your skin like cotton, and if your cupboard’s all about fun and flirty, you absolutely NEED to buy yourself the comfy cotton to stay healthy!

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5. Your lingerie is the wrong size

Just SO many women wear the wrong size without even realizing it! Here are all the things that signal the bra you’re wearing is wrong – the back wings or straps of your bra feel loose, it rides up your back, the underwire gets bent easily. And if your panty leaves marks on your skin or gets rucked up inside your jeans, that’s the wrong size too! If you feel any of these things happening, it’s time to buy yourself new lingerie – and the right size, this time.

6. Or it’s wrong for the outfit you are wearing it under

The same lingerie DOESN’T work under every dress (there is a reason why they come in a variety, you know!). Thongs and boy shorts are meant for tight pants and dresses that hug the skin and run the danger of panty lines, and then there are different bras to be worn under a T-shirt, or beneath a strapless/ backless dress. You need a bunch to match the variety of outfits that make up your wardrobe!

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7. Or it’s wrong for the occasion!

Different occasions call for different sets of lingerie. Of course, you pick a cute pair when meeting him for a date, but do you keep aside a few pairs for your periods too? And it’s not just panties we’re talking about – since your boobs are more sensitive when you’re PMSing or are on your period, you should have non-padded, non-wired bras to wear then. Plus, sports bras and snug high-coverage panties are essential for when you’re working out – nothing else will do. So if you don’t think your lingerie drawer has you covered for all of these occasions, time to go shopping STAT.

8. It’s simply uncomfortable

Hooks or underwire digging into your skin is a sureshot way of realizing how uncomfortable your bra is. And if your panties feel too tight or scratchy, then they are not really keeping you comfy all day. It’s time you shop for lingerie that does its job well!!

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