10 Tiny Signs Your Guy *Really* Misses You When You’re Away!

Tanaya SethTanaya Seth  |  Feb 23, 2017
10 Tiny Signs Your Guy *Really* Misses You When You’re Away!


Guys do miss their girlfriends and even though they might not put it in words, there are a few signs which show that they miss us! So girls, if your guy makes the below-mentioned gestures when you are away from each other, it is his way of showing that he is missing you. Watch out for these signs he misses you and flatter yourself, you lovely girlfriend!

1. He texts you often

Even though he might not have much to say to you, he just wants to start a conversation because he feels like talking to you. Random messages from him every now and is a sign that he’s really missing you! Awwww.

1 signs he misses you

2. He might fight with you for no logical reason

Since you are not around and he misses you so much, and there isn’t much he can do about it, he gets frustrated. That frustration ends up with him arguing and fighting with you over something that makes little or no sense. It’s just his way of letting his emotions out. Don’t respond to harshly to the poor guy.

3. He gets jealous

You aren’t around him and when you tell him that you are going out with your friends he gets a little jealous. It is not because he doesn’t trust you, rather he gets jealous because he loves you and wants him to be the one you spend your time with. He’s not mad at you, he is just mad at the fact that he is missing you so much.

3 signs he misses you

4. He likes your old posts on Facebook

If you suddenly get a notification on Facebook because he liked one of your old pictures, it is a clear sign that he is missing you a tad too much. The fact that he has gone to your profile and is going through all your old pictures only means that you are really, really being missed by him.

5. He FaceTimes you…

…Because just hearing your voice isn’t enough.

5 signs he misses you

6. Your playlist is what he is listening to

The distance is really taking a toll on him and you can hear your favourite songs playing in the background when he is talking to you over the phone. Just go to him already!

7. He cannot stop making plans for the time you both finally meet

He cannot wait for you both to meet and has started making plans already. He is waiting for you to come back so that you both can go to your favourite place for dinner!

7 signs he misses you

8. He responds immediately to all your texts and calls

It’s only been a few seconds since you sent him a message and his reply is already there on your screen. He picks up your call in the first few rings. This is basically because he is eagerly waiting to talk to you.

9. He admits to it

He has no shame in admitting that he is missing you! For a guy it’s a big deal to express the fact that he is missing you in words and if he is doing so, it clearly means that he misses you much more than you can even imagine. What a cutie!

9 signs he misses you

10. Too happy to see you

His face lights up when he sees you and he is overjoyed. He hugs you tightly and just doesn’t let go of you! Aww.

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