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13 Signs Your Guy Is Serious About Your Relationship (So Relax!)

13 Signs Your Guy Is Serious About Your Relationship (So Relax!)

Reading signs can be a little tough, especially when it comes to men! So we have got exactly what you need to figure out what is going on in his mind. Here are 13 definite signs he is serious about you!


1. He plans ahead and always checks with you

When a guy is not really that serious about your relationship, all plans are spur-of-the-moment. But when he actually begins to get serious, he will plan dates in advance and definitely check in with you before.

1 signs he is serious about you

2. He remembers little things about you

Those tiny moments when you truly open up and tell him things you wouldn’t tell anyone else, he remembers them. Your favourite movie dialogue, the ice cream flavour you love, that fight you had with your sibling, he knows it all!

3. And follows up by asking about them

Whenever you tell him something, he follows up on that after a few days – even when you forget about it! This really shows he is interested in knowing more and more about your life.

3 signs he is serious about you

4. You are his de facto plus one

Whether it’s his office party or a family function, he’s always asking you to come along!

5. He genuinely asks for your opinion

It’s not just something he has to do, but he truly likes to hear your opinion on matters. Even when they are not similar to his, he respects what you say, feel and think.

5 signs he is serious about you

6. He sits through your favourite TV shows

Even when they’re not exactly his kind. He knows how much you like seeing them and that’s good enough reason for him to binge-watch them. It’s a plus when he actually starts to remember the characters and gets involved!

7. He introduces you to his friends and family

He feels the absolute opposite of shame when it comes to introducing you to people. Whether it is someone he bumps into on the street or his mother, he has introduced you or talked about you enough for them to know about you!

7 signs he is serious about you

8. He doesn’t mind meeting your friends and family

Gone are the days when he would be skeptical about meeting your friends and family. Now he wants to meet them as ‘your man’ as much as you want to introduce him with that title!

9. He does whatever he can to take care of you when you’re sick

If he can’t come and meet you, he keeps texting you to check up on you. You being sick is a major concern for him and he loves to pamper you around that time!

9 signs he is serious about you

10. He doesn’t want to run out the door first thing in the morning

If you stay the night together, he doesn’t want to get up and leave the first thing in the morning. In fact, he proposes having a nice breakfast or brunch before you guys part ways!

11. He messages you at least once a day

There is something amiss about the days when he doesn’t text you. Both for you and him. No matter whether you’ve messaged him or not, he always manages to find time to text you at least once a day!

11 signs he is serious about you

12. And gets upset when he doesn’t hear from you

Although, he tries not to show it, not hearing from you does upset him. And it’s the most aww-worthy moment ever!

13. He takes you to his favourite places

Last but not the least, he loves taking you to all the places he likes and sharing the happiness with you. This shows that he actually wants to make memories with you in all those places that he’s bound to return to!

13 signs he is serious about you

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16 Jan 2017

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