10 Signs He Is Only Interested in Hooking Up!

Tanushree BhasinTanushree Bhasin  |  May 6, 2016

Dating someone new can be pretty confusing. “Is he really into me? Or is he only interested in sex?” Such questions are normal and not easy to answer immediately. But since we’ve all been there, and figured out the answer the long way, we put together a checklist of things that indicate that he’s only interested in hooking up with you. If your guy is displaying all (or even most) of these signs, then, girl, you’ve got your answer.

1. Only wants to meet at night

Call him in the day, and you’ll hear a flurry of excuses: “I’m stuck at work” or “I can’t get out for lunch, I have a meeting”, etc. But his will be the first message in your inbox post 9 p.m., asking you if you’re free for dinner or drinks.

hooking up

2. He isn’t interested in doing “couple-y things”

Whether it is holding hands and going on long walks or talking over the phone through the night, this guy is simply not keen on anything emotionally intimate.

3. He’s never free for a movie or play or concert

He will never say yes to a date at the movie theatre or a museum or a Sunday brunch. Things cannot get any more asexual than at a museum, after all!

4. He has zero interest in your friends and family

You begin to talk about your friends and family, and he immediately zones out.

hooking up

5. Neither does he mention his own friends and relatives

It’s almost as if he doesn’t have any.

6. All conversations or texts somehow end up becoming sexual

Texting him or speaking to him over the phone never leads to a meaningful conversation. But you do have fun exchanging messages loaded with innuendo!

hooking up

7. He compliments your body all the time

It’s amazing how much attention he gives your body, showering you with compliments about your legs and waist and eyes! Not so many comments about your hobbies or interests, though.

hooking up

8. He always wants to meet at places close to his house or AT his house

There is really no clearer sign of a booty-call-seeker than a man who doesn’t even want to venture too far from his house for a date!

9. He avoids talking about personal things…

…because he is simply not looking for a relationship.

10. Some of them will simply tell you that they’re in it for the sex

And one can only be grateful for such honesty!

Hooking Up

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