10 Signs He’s A Guy Who’ll Never Stop Loving You!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 5, 2016
10 Signs He’s A Guy Who’ll Never Stop Loving You!

There are some men who, when they fall in love, you know that they will be with you for better or worse – forever. That’s because from all the women the world has to offer, you’re the one who’s always on his mind. To him, you’re better than anyone he’s ever crossed paths with, and yes, he would probably want to spend the rest of his life with you too. Ladies, if you’ve found a man who treats you like princess every day, you should hold on to him. Here are 10 signs he’s the kind of man who’ll never stop loving you!

1. He Loves Your Imperfections

He has seen you in good times and in bad, and yet he hasn’t given up on you. In fact, he’s been your rock right through your journey! In spite of knowing your flaws, there’s never been a time when he’s used it against you. On the contrary, he pushes you to reach for the stars. He believes in you, and loves you for the person you are.

signs he is a keeper

2. He Does Not Keep Any Secrets From You

No matter how ugly the truth is, he will never keep it from you. You matter to him the most and he wants you to know that. He finds no need to hide anything from you, because he has a clean and honest heart. He builds his relationship on trust, and expects the same from your end too.

3. He’s Just A Call Away

No matter what he’s doing or where he is, if you’re in trouble, he will drop everything and come to your rescue. Being with you when you need him the most is his way of telling you that you’re really important to him and he’s going to be by your side come what may.

signs he is a keeper

4. He Makes You Top Priority

He could choose to chill with his buddies at the bar all night, but he doesn’t. He knows that someone special is waiting for him. Most of his plans include you and he makes it a point that you NEVER feel left out. To him, your happiness matters the most! And, he’ll do whatever it takes to bring a smile on that pretty face of yours.

5. He Owns Up To His Mistakes

If by chance, he’s made a mistake, he’ll own up to it with dignity. He does not enjoy playing the ‘blame game’ and wants you to know that he’s genuinely sorry. Ego and pride are two qualities that cease to exist within your relationship. He respects the relationship he shares with you and will not repeat the mistakes of the past. Trust us, you’ve got yourself a keeper!

signs he is a keeper

6. He Gives You Valuable Advice

Out of all the people you know, your man knows you the best. He’s seen you evolve as a person and offers you precious advice just when you think your life is about to come crashing down. Pay attention to his words; he’s your well wisher who wants to bring out the best in you.

7. He Showers You With Love

Time spent with him feels just right. He makes you feel loved every minute, every hour, every day. To him, you’re his queen and your wish is his command. He likes calling you words like ‘beautiful’, ‘love’, ‘Jaan’, ‘baby’ – or similar pet names! It’s the small things that count at the end of the day, and even he will agree to that fact.

signs he is a keeper

8. He’s Not Insecure About Your Relationship

He knows that there are other men who try to get your attention every day, but it doesn’t get him worked up. He has a level of trust and faith in the relationship he shares with you. Getting jealous, fighting over petty things and not talking for days – these are things he’s not a fan of. He’s loyal and mature enough to handle things with grace.

9. He’ll Always Stay Connected To You

Even if he’s on a business trip or out with his peeps, he will never fail to keep you in the loop. He’ll call you, and send you texts when you least expect them. He does this not because he’s insecure about losing you, he does so because he cares! Leaving you behind eats him up from within and he misses you when you’re not by his side.

signs he is a keeper

10. He Knows You Inside Out

The way you feel, the way you think, he knows it all. It’s like he’s your soulmate! When it comes to facing him, you don’t have to fake it. His feelings for you are genuine – and more than him being your lover, he’s your best friend. You can talk to him about anything and everything, and he’ll gladly hear you out. His bond with you is truly out of this world. Hold on to him tightly, he’s one in a million.

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