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Shehnaaz Gill Opens Up About Her Bond With Sidharth Shukla Post Bigg Boss

Shehnaaz Gill Opens Up About Her Bond With Sidharth Shukla Post Bigg Boss

Right from a never seen before five-week show extension to romances that brewed within the house, Bigg Boss 13 remains special for a number of reasons. However, without an iota of doubt, it has to be Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla‘s dynamite jodi, or #SidNaaz as fans like to call it, that the season would always be remembered for. The gazillion social media accounts dedicated to #SidNaaz testify it. All through the show, the fans kept rooting for the two to get together. 

In fact, it has been more than four months since the show concluded and the fans still continue to root for the two, constantly hoping that Sidharth and Shehnaaz would one day get together. All of this despite the fact that Sidharth and others kept warning Shehnaaz that things will change drastically once they are out of the house. However, Shehnaaz seems to have convinced him otherwise with her resilience.  

In a recent interview with an entertainment platform, Shehnaaz revealed that the two still share the same bond and are very much in touch post the show. She shared, “Jo mera bond tha, jaise Bigg Boss mein tha, abhi bhi waisa hi hai. Main chahti hoon ki woh waisa hi bana rahe. Miss kyun karna? Phone pe baat karti hoon, laga leti hoon main jab bhi miss karti hoon (Whatever our bond was in Bigg Boss, it is the same even now. I want it to remain like this forever. Why should I miss him? I talk to him on the phone, I give him a call whenever I miss him).”

Now that’s great news for #SidNaaz fans given that Sidharth kept telling Shehnaaz during the show’s run that he wouldn’t always be available for her once the show gets over. During the interview, Shehnaaz further shared that she has also met him a couple of times after the show. 

Recollecting their bond during Bigg Boss and what made it so special, she shared, “Bigg Boss mein bhi jab thi, main kabhi uske liye fake nahi rahi (I have never been fake towards him on Bigg Boss),” she said, adding, “Koi bhi baat na meri ghoom-ghumake wahaan pe hi aati thi, ki yeh kya kar raha hai (Every time, it would always come back to him and what he was doing).”


Shehnaaz also shared that she envisions her dream man to be just like Sidharth Shukla. In fact, the actress has always maintained her fondness for Sidharth and said that everything at the Bigg Boss house for her revolved around him. “Isne aise kiya? Achcha, ab main aise karungi.’ Matlab mera sab kuch wohi tha Bigg Boss mein (‘Oh, he did this? Now I will do this.’ He was my everything in Bigg Boss),” she said sharing how everything she did was a reaction to him. 

During the interview, Shehnaaz also rated her Bigg Boss journey and said that she’d rate it 7 out of 10 and deducted 3 points for the mistakes that she made during her stay. Well, rest assured the news that #SidNaaz remain very much in touch is sure to make the fans rejoice. Let’s see if it goes any further from here once the situation gets back to normal. 

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24 Jun 2020

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