Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi Khurana Vs Shehnaaz Gill! All You Need To Know About The Ugly Fight

Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi Khurana Vs Shehnaaz Gill! All You Need To Know About The Ugly Fight

Bigg Boss fans, we've got inside scoop for you and yes, you can start screaming with excitement now. As you all probably know, Punjabi singer Himanshi Khurana made an entry into the Bigg Boss house on this Weekend Ka Vaar episode and again fans are rooting for two clans online. On one side of the fandom is Shehnaaz Gill who is hailed as the cutest contestant in the house and the other side thinks she's just using her looks to feign innocence. Himanshi and Shehnaaz have been arch-rivals for a long time and this is why even fans of the show have picked sides.

When Himanshi was asked by host Salman Khan about her feud and bad blood between the two, she said that she doesn't know Shahnaaz personally but things did flare-up between the two once. Talking to an entertainment portal she said, "I am not going inside with any grudge in my heart, I have become very neutral towards her. I won't be passing any comment but she is used to passing comments against me. So, let's see," said Himanshi.



Being a newcomer in the game, Himanshi had said that she hasn't planned anything in terms of strategy yet. She said, "My strategy would be to not plan anything. I want to meet everyone and develop a bond. Can't plan any move, we will only learn once inside the house."

She even spoke about how fake Shehnaaz is in real life and is of the belief that she is putting up an act for the small screen. She said, "She passed comments on Koena, she passed comments on me and has body shamed me. She is not innocent. I can't say about her conduct in the show is fake or not but according to her real life, she is."

Himanshi said that when she launched one of her songs, Shahnaaz attacked her with full force. She shamed her for her body and insulted her family, that's when the former decided to take a stand for herself.

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Since last night's episode aired, Himanshi's fans have tried to unearth as much dirt on Shehnaaz as possible. Two videos have surfaced online where the latter is seen hurling abuses at the former. One video shows Shehnaaz calling someone "overweight" and an "elephant". 

The other video shows Shehnaaz shaming and insulting someone's mother. She is maligning their character and talking about how her father left her.

In the name of TRPs and views, we go to any length to make our voices heard. People nowadays don't care about hurting another human being or picking on someone's insecurities. We all know that body-shaming isn't acceptable yet we do it. In a world that's constantly trying to bring women down at least, we should band together and celebrate each other. 

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