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The Best Shampoos For Coloured Hair That Won’t Let Your Hair *Dye* Of Dryness

The Best Shampoos For Coloured Hair That Won’t Let Your Hair *Dye* Of Dryness


Getting your hair dyed is the most glamorous way you can change your appearance completely. One minute you’re sporting your luscious black locks and the next moment your hairstylist waves his magic on your hair and woof, you’re now a completely different person!

Most of us have gotten our hair dyed (or tried it ourselves) at least once in our lives. It can be global hair dye, highlights, permanent dye or even a fancy colour that fades away with every wash. No matter what you’ve tried, you have to admit that changing your hair colour feels so good. But the damage it causes to your hair? Well, that’s not too good.

Getting your hair coloured is one thing and taking care of it is a whole another story nobody ever tells you about! The fact that it requires some serious aftercare is something not a lot of people are aware of and using a shampoo that’s only for coloured hair is the first step! So, if you want your hair colour to last longer and your tresses to stay healthy, then you need to try these shampoos for coloured hair. 

Shampoos For Coloured Hair

Using a shampoo that’s meant for coloured hair is the first step to ensuring that your hair colour stays on longer. 

Let me share a quick tip that I swear by! Wait for 24-48 hours after your hair appointment and wash your mane with ice-cold water. The cold water makes your hair colour look even more vibrant! And when you do wash your hair with a shampoo, choose one of these:

Colour Me Brilliant Colour Lock + UV Protect Shampoo


Your hair colour will fade with every wash, there’s no doubt about that. But using a coloured hair shampoo will not only slow down that process but will also keep the colour looking good.

Colour Me Brilliant™ Mushroom + Bamboo Colour Protect Shampoo is paraben and sulphate free and formulated with a unique blend of oils to keep your mane healthy after you’ve dyed your hair. It is one of the best shampoos for coloured hair and if you’ve recently dyed your mane, you should get your hands on this one asap.

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Matrix Biolage Colorlast Orchide Color Protecting Shampoo


One of the first signs of damage after you’re done with the hair colouring process is the fact that your hair starts feeling extremely dry and rope-like. This happens due to the lack of moisture in your hair and using a shampoo that’ll help protect your hair, keep the colour vibrant and pretty whilst preserving the longevity of your hair colour is a wise choice.

And boy do we have a shampoo that ticks all the boxes! Matrix Biolage shampoo is one of the best shampoos for colour treated hair and if you love to change your hair colour in accordance with the latest trends, then you’re going to love this one.

Infuse My. Colour Shampoo – Copper


Hair colour fading faster than you anticipated? That’s because you didn’t treat your hair with this baby right here. Infuse My. Colour Shampoo is a perfect pick for bleached or colour treated hair that requires extra love and protection. This particular variant is for the lovely ladies who’ve dyed their mane copper or a striking blonde colour. It is one of the best shampoos for bleached hair.

L’Oreal Paris Colour Protect Shampoo


Are you a regular member of the #ColouredHair club? Then you must’ve definitely tried this one. L’Oreal’s range of shampoos for colour treated hair is one of the best in the market and this one falls on the more affordable side.

It is formulated with UV filters that not only protect your hair colour when the sun is shining bright but also make the hair dye last longer.

TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess Oil Infused Shampoo with Vitamin E for Coloured Hair


As the name suggests, this shampoo for coloured hair is for every hair-loving goddess out there! Enriched with hair-loving ingredients such as coconut oil, vitamin E, keratin and other moisturizing properties, prepare to fall in love with your hair again and again after every wash.

It is also free of radicals, in case you were wondering and is one of the best shampoos for coloured hair.

Crazy Color Shampoo Red


We’ve all had that crazy red hair phase, haven’t we?!

Unlike fancy colours such as blue, pink or purple, the colour red doesn’t require full-blown hair bleaching and in fact, it fades to a nice, copper colour. And if you want your red colour to thrive and long latest, you need a shampoo that’s going to specifically do that.

Crazy Colour Shampoo – Red is for all you redheads who want their hair colour to look vibrant and definitely last a few extra washes.

BBlunt Repair Remedy Shampoo With Repair Remedy Conditioner


Never met a hair shampoo and conditioner combo we didn’t like! Applying a hair conditioner after washing your hair with a shampoo for coloured hair is a must. Your hair goes through so much, especially after they’ve been dyed multiple times.

BBlunt’s Repair Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner combo is perfect if you dye your hair 2-3 times a year. It is made with the goodness of argan oil and keratin that helps protect your hair and keeps it nourished.

Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo


Treat your hair with a luxe shampoo that not only gently cleanses your hair but doesn’t strip off the colour with every wash. Aveda’s Colour Conserve Shampoo is one of the products to pick if you’re looking for the best shampoo for bright coloured hair. It leaves your hair feeling silky after every wash and we bet you wouldn’t stop clicking selfies!

Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Color Protection Shampoo


Dull hair colour? What’s that?

Keep your hair colour looking fancy and fresh with Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Color Protection Shampoo that keeps the colour intact. It is also free of radicals, makes your hair colour last up to 8 weeks and leaves your hair feeling smooth after every wash. If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for, then add this to your cart already!

Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure pH 4.5 Color Freeze Sulfate Free Micellar Shampoo

Colour treated hair requires gentle care and we totally get that! Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Shampoo is the one you should pick if you have thin hair as it’ll not only keep the colour intact but will also protect the strands. Perfect for dry and damaged hair that require extra love and care.



We bet you still have a lot of questions regarding shampoos for coloured hair and we’re answering them one by one!

Can I use my normal shampoo on coloured hair?


Yes and no. If you have gotten your mane coloured in temporary or funky colours such as pink or blue, using a shampoo that’s specially formulated for coloured hair is a must. It’ll not only improve its longevity but also keep the colour looking vibrant.

But if you have dyed your hair in permanent colour such as copper, you can use your normal shampoo as it won’t change your hair colour. However, do make sure that the shampoo has moisturising ingredients and does not dry out your strands. Using a hair conditioner after every wash and hair packs are a must if you want your hair to look shiny.

Are sulphate-free shampoos good for coloured hair?


Sulphate-infused shampoos are bad for your hair and it’ll strip your hair colour faster than you know. Please opt for sulphate-free shampoos if you have dyed your hair.

Do clarifying shampoos remove colour from hair?


Yes, they do. Just stick to shampoos that are specifically formulated for a coloured mane and let your colour live its best life.

Do I need a different shampoo for coloured hair?


Yes, you do. Unless you have permanent hair colour. But since the shampoos for coloured hair are specifically formulated to protect and keep your hair looking all glossy and healthy, it is always better to use them.

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Ready to flip your coloured mane back and forth?

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28 Oct 2020

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