Kabir Singh’s Success Came At A Cost For Shahid Kapoor & Had Him Begging For Films

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Nov 24, 2021
Shahid Kapoor


It has been over two years since Kabir Singh released and we are still debating if it should have happened at all. As for Shahid Kapoor, he would not have it any other way. The film, after all, has been the biggest hit of his career so far and given him his very first project to enter the 200-crore club. Admittedly, that is a big feat and Shahid has now accepted that he has had his share of struggles while trying to grasp the scale of the success.

In a media interaction during the trailer release of Jersey, the actor talked about how Kabir Singh’s success left him feeling very uncomfortable and confused. “I have never been a part of this world and it made me feel very uncomfortable. I had to constantly ask everyone what should I do next,” he shared. The film turned out to be bigger than Shahid had anticipated and he wanted to cash on the hype but did not know how to. It made him hungry for bigger, grander projects and he thus went to every person from the industry who had been a part of the 100-crore club.


The actor added, “After Kabir Singh released, I went like a beggar to everybody. I went to all these people who’ve made these 200-250 crore films. I’ve never been a part of this club, so it was completely new to me. Having spent 15-16 years in the industry, I never had such a huge grosser. So, when it finally happened, I didn’t know where to go, it was all new to me.”

Shahid basically wanted the key to recreating Kabir Singh’s success and a lot of advice followed. Some suggested that he play a college boy again and some told him to look out for aggressive characters. He heard a lot of subjects, a lot of stories, and it was Jersey that stayed with him. It was a film about a man getting another chance and that struck a chord with him ‘coz that is exactly what he was seeking. “I can safely say this is my best film yet,” Shahid shared during the conversation.


Well, Jersey is indeed similar to Kabir Singh in the sense that this too is a remake of a super hit Telugu film. That said, the storyline is starkly different and it would be interesting to see if manages to pull audiences just like Kabir Singh. The film is all set to hit the theatres on December 31 and we wish good luck to Shahid, Mrunal Thakur, and the entire team of film Jersey.

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