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Gauri & Shah Rukh Khan’s Adorable Love Story Will Have You Thinking Of Your Childhood Crush!

Gauri & Shah Rukh Khan’s Adorable Love Story Will Have You Thinking Of Your Childhood Crush!

Shah Rukh Khan is the king of on-screen romance. He’s the authority on all things cheesy and mushy and every girl desires to be with a partner as filmy as him. But offscreen too, he’s an example to follow. In a world where relationships fall apart like a pack of cards, his marriage to Gauri Khan has stood the test of time. The couple has been married for almost three decades now and is stronger together. Here’s a look back to their beautiful journey from childhood sweethearts to soulmates. 

It was love at first sight

SRK and Gauri early days

It was a love at first sight for SRK pretty much like it is for him in most of his movies. He met Gauri at a friend’s party when he was just 18 years-old, where he couldn’t be daring enough to ask Gauri for a dance. After much prep, when he finally did, Gauri turned down his offer saying she’s waiting for her boyfriend. In reality, there was no boyfriend and Gauri was waiting for her brother instead. Later when Shah Rukh got to know about this, all he said to Gauri was, “Mujhe bhi apna bhai samjho”. And that’s how it all started for this lovely couple.

It wasn’t a cake walk initially

You’ll be surprised to know that SRK is quite possessive in real life. He wouldn’t allow her to talk to other boys or even let her keep her hair open. This irked Gauri to the core and the day after his birthday, she left for Mumbai with her friends without even informing him. That’s when Shah Rukh realised his love for Gauri and went straight to Mumbai. He had no money then, that’s when his mother, who knew all that happened, helped her son with some money and told him to fight for his love and go and get her. Shah Rukh and his friends were out on the roads looking for Gauri but couldn’t find her soon. Then finally, Shah Rukh found her on a beach and that’s when they broke down and realised they can’t be without each other.

When SRK posed as a Hindu boy to impress Gauri’s parents


Shah Rukh couldn’t let go of Gauri, no matter what, and he would do anything to impress her parents. He even changed his name and posed as a Hindu boy to impress her parents, after keeping their relationship a secret for five years. The couple did all everything to convince their parents and then finally got married on October 25, 1991, in a Hindu marriage ceremony. Talking about SRK’s choice of getting into films, Gauri said:

“Yes, my parents were obviously not for it because we were so young and then, to take a decision to get married to a person who was going to join films and also from a different religion. He was the first person I met and went out with. And he has been the only man.”

“I don’t know whether I am a nut but I am very intense about my love for Gauri. She’s a part of me”, says Shah Rukh.

The biggest achievement for Shah Rukh and Gauri is just not to last so long but to maintain a balance between their different religious backgrounds. Gauri hails from a Hindu Brahmin family while SRK is a Muslim. Back in the day, it must have created quite a stir. Also, when SRK got married to Gauri, he wasn’t even a big star.

From lovers to proud parents 

srk family

It must have been quite a task for both of them to succeed despite the various constraints but even after 27 years of marriage, the couple is deeply in love with each. They have three children – Aryan, Suhana and AbRam. The best thing about this superstar couple is their mutual respect for their religions. Their love story is an example for one and all. It is a story about love, resilience and perseverance.

In an interview with a leading magazine, Gauri said, “My life is with Shah Rukh and the kids. He is the best husband and father I could ever ask for. I always say that I am so fortunate to be with Shah Rukh Khan, the man. I don’t come from a space where I gush and praise – the world is doing enough of that. I like to keep my love for him private and inside the doors of Mannat.”

While SRK said, “We give marriage too much importance; we’re trying too hard. Things that are done with ease, acceptance and love will always be successful. The best thing we do is wake up in the morning and have a cup of tea and family time. I can’t understand the importance given to Gauri and my marriage – if you can keep a marriage ordinary, that’s what makes it special.”

Here’s wishing these two many more years of togetherness and love. Cheers!

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11 Oct 2018

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