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10 HOT Ways To Get Naughty On Valentine’s *Night*

10 HOT Ways To Get Naughty On Valentine’s *Night*

Valentine’s day comes once a year and whether you are into the romance of it or not – no one can argue that the day (and night) calls for some hot, steamy encounters! Some scandalous adventures to enjoy with your partner never hurt. And so, here are 11 hot things to do this Valentine’s Day. Check them out.

1. A Candle Lit Dinner

Skip going out for a party or dinner date that night and enjoy a home cooked meal instead. And in case you don’t want to cook, a pizza by candlelight can be an equally romantic dinner… Have candles floating about to set the tone just right!

2. Lace Up That Lingerie

Buy some racy lingerie to wear under your clothes. And use this as a bait if you guys are out celebrating somewhere. Just flash him a sneak peek and get his pulse racing for later on!

2 things to do this valentines day

3. Be The Gadget Goddess

Every guy loves his gadgets, so why not introduce some in the bedroom as well?

4. Sexy Treasure Hunt

Leave clues all around the house… Not on pieces of paper, but clothes that you’ve taken off. And then wait for for him in all your glory naked!

4 things to do this valentines day

5. Dare or Dare With Jenga

Buy a Jenga set from a stationery store and write down some naughty dares on those blocks! The idea is, every time one of you pulls out a block from the tower will have to perform the dare written on it. And if you’re naughty, you know what to write.

6. Sexy Movie Marathon

Download a few racy films that are guaranteed to get you both so turned on that you won’t even be paying attention by the third film!

6 things to do this valentines day

7. Mid Week Vacay!

So, Valentine’s falls on a Tuesday this year- but that doesn’t need to be a bummer! Why not just take a staycation? Check in to a nice hotel, have some wine and take a couples spa. Hola!

8. Try Some Bondage

So ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ is releasing soon, so maybe it’s time to show him your dirty, naughty, haughty side and surprise him with a… Spank! *Wink*

8 things to do this valentines day

9. Role Play

Role play can be super sexy if you and your partner get into it! Find out what ticks his boxes and engage in a night of temptation!

10. Drink Up & Play

Drinking games with your boyfriend can be a lot of fun. Make yourselves some cocktails and get drunk. If you’re looking for some ideas, check them out here.

10 things to do this valentines day

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14 Feb 2017

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