10 Naughty *Sex Surprises* To Give Him On Your Anniversary!

Arya KhannaArya Khanna  |  Jun 5, 2017
10 Naughty *Sex Surprises* To Give Him On Your Anniversary!


Anniversaries are that time of the year when you want to really go out of your way to do cute little things for the one you love. Sure, we all love the mushy stuff but sometimes, you also need to surprise him with some sexy moves. Here is a list of super creative sexual ways to surprise him on your anniversary that will leave him absolutely speechless!  

1. Decorate your room

Sure, this can be a little cliche but if you’re the kind who likes to do mushy stuff with a little kink involved, then why not? Decorate the room with rose petals or candles to make him feel special!! Also, a pretty room is always a mood lifter and candles make the physical act just awesome!

sexual ways to surprise him 1

2. Make a wishlist bowl

Get yourself a bowl and put some chits in it that contain interesting sexual dares. Hand him that bowl and ask him to pick one chit every 15 minutes. Make sure you do those things to him everytime he picks them. Add all the things he really likes to do in bed!

3. Play a sex treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are a lot of fun! Imagine how amazing will it be to actually have a treasure hunt that is sexual. Make clues and lay them in the room. For every clue he cracks, he gets a reward. Make sure the last reward leads him to you!

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4. Strip Monopoly

We have grown up playing Monopoly all our life and it’s only fair to use this game to make your anniversary night a special one. Strip with every bet you lose and give him an oral reward for every stake he wins. Yayyie!

sexual ways to surprise him 4

5. Roleplay

Dress up as his favourite character from one of the movies or just dress up in a super sexy avatar. The right kinda roleplay has the ability to turn the dullest nights into the most memorable ones! *Wink*

6. Cook together, naked!

Let’s just say – couples who cook together, stay together! It’s always fun to get in there once in a while and make a lovely meal. What’s better? Cook your favourite food together… Only do it naked. Who knows, if you actually end up cooking or not?

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7. Have the best bubble bath

After a long day of doing what we do, we all just need some time to relax. What’s better than chilling with bae in a bubble bath?

sexual ways to surprise him 7

8. A creamy cake

Even if you can’t bake and the cake turns out to be a disaster, it’s okay! Decorate the cake with lots of whipped cream and chocolate, so that you can enjoy the sweet dish while you’re actually doing the sweet dish. Get it? *Wink*

9. Some kinky costume play!

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Put on that kinky costume you’ve had an eye on, at the mall. Buy it, wear and surprise him with a dance that’ll take him straight to the bedroom!

10. Play a sexual dare game

Truth and dare will be so much fun when you play with bae and also if the dare made him do things to you. Play a sexual truth and dare and do things that make your imagination go as wild as possible.

sexual ways to surprise him 10

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