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17 Sexting Acronyms EVERY Girl Should Know! *Grin*

17 Sexting Acronyms EVERY Girl Should Know! *Grin*

Sexting has come into our lives and taken it by storm, to say the least. Imagine the joy for people who can almost have sex without really having sex in the comfort of their homes! Technology has really taken us far and wide, hasn’t it? But if you are a newbie in the sexting world and have no idea what that weird sentence, that guy sent you meant, then this one’s for you! Here are 17 sexting acronyms every girl should know to both start a conversation and have the perfect reply!

1. K4Y (Kiss For You)

Used when the kiss is meant ONLY for you! :*

1 sexting acronyms

2. GNOC (Get Naked On Camera)

While GNOC is also the Global Network Operations Center, here it refers to something more…um, non-global? Be careful before you accept the request though! Make sure it’s someone you truly know and trust!

3. TDTM (Talk Dirty To Me)

Sexting technique no. 1 – dirty talk! TDTM is a simple way to let the other person know you need some dirty lovin’… Or maybe you just love the song!

3 sexting acronyms

4. KOTL (Kiss On The Lips)

Time to get a little more specific about them kisses, right?

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5. WTTP (Want To Trade Pictures?)

Sending sexy pictures has become a very common part of sexting but it is always important to ask first!

5 sexting acronyms

6. LH6 (Let’s Have Sex)

Because six sounds like sex and sex sounds like six. A little word-play to keep things interesting!

7. GYPO (Get Your Pants Off)

Getting a bit visual while sexting is extremely important to set the mood right!

7 sexting acronyms

8. RUH (Are You Horny?)

A simple and direct question because no one wants to read minds while sexting!

9. 8 (Oral Sex)

‘8’ has been a symbol for oral sex for a long time now so it’s really not a surprise that it’s used to represent oral sex while sexting too!

9 sexting acronyms

10. J/O (Jerking Off)

J/O, which basically means masturbating, is used usually when your sexting partner is thinking of you and…well, you know!

11. CU46 (See You For Sex)

This one is used when the LH6 or RUH is answered with – Yes!

11 sexting acronyms

12. S2R (Send To Receive)

It’s only fair that when it comes to pictures or videos both the parties share equally so you SEND to RECEIVE! Get it?

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13. ITS (Intense Text Sex)

This is used to indicate that both you and your partner are ready to take your sexting to another level!

13 sexting acronyms

14. NFS (Need For Sex)

Just because “Need For Speed” was getting too mainstream!

15. IAYM (I Am Your Master)

For those who like to be told what to do in bed or like to do the telling… Hey, no one’s judging!

15 sexting acronyms

16. IPN (I’m Posting Naked)

Just a little extra info to get them in the mood!

17. CD9 (Parent Around)

Because it is important to let your partner know why their sexy comment got just “hmmm” as a reply. CD9, short form for CODE9 is used when there is a parent or adult around.

17 sexting acronyms

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26 Aug 2016

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